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Have You Heard Of These Artists On Dimensions Festival’s Line Up?

Dimensions Festival is becoming one of the most significant and important festivals for underground music. Year in year out they have a platinum lineup.

Source: Line-up Image / Promo

Dimensions have a platinum line-up, as they do year in year out. The festival’s opening concert will accommodate Grace Jones, Moderat, Yussef Kamal and Mosses Boyd, in the 2000-year-old Roman amphitheatre. Opening the festival with such a high calibre of music can give you nothing but faith in the rest of the impressive bill of musicians.

Here at HTF, we thought it would be helpful to give you a small insight into the some of Dimension more ‘off the beaten track’ musicians. Ones that would not necessarily catch on a night out across the UK.

Dimensions Festival, Mndsgn

Source: Promo


Raised in a suburban neighbourhood in new jersey, 29-year-old Ringgo Ancheta, AKA Mndsgn evolved in the sounds of hip-hop culture of his youth. Leading on to him crafting his take on ’80’s R&B/hip-hop beats’. Mndsgn style of mixing is grounded by 80’s hip-hop and black American music; his sounds track the genealogy of hip-hop through the years which makes his music a history lesson in itself.

Since moving to LA, Mndsgn has cultivated even more as a musician – working within a small, short-lived collective ‘Klipmode’ – which featured heavyweights like; Kendrick Lamar, Knxwledge, Suzi Analogue and Devonwho. Mndsgn grew musically within mutual space, a hub where their sounds were comparable to one another and still are regardless of the collective still going. Additionally, Mndsgns songwriting has opened up the airways to his cosmic like lyrical mastery. With the partnership with his planetary funk soulful beats, I look forward to taking a journey to stars during his set at Dimensions this year.


Source: Promo


At the age of 20-years-old, Stones Throw Records founder Peanut Butter Wolf discovered Jonwayne. His witty lyricism of allows you to listen to his music as if you are reading a biography. Never one to talk about his turbulent past, it’s his music that gives you an insight into the mind, and the moments that have shaped this ‘off the beaten track’ hip-hop sensation.

‘Blue Green’ which features on Rap Album 2 explores a time where he nearly drank himself to death, “Jameson in my blood/Jameson in my eyes/Jameson on my mind”. Moving away from the overly saturated ‘trappy’ egotism of hip-hop these days, Jonwayne has a contemplative style, which welcomes tales of self-destruction, personal demons and mortality.

Source: Promo


Born and bred in California, Sofie soaked in music from an early age. Being classically trained in viola and violin, it easy to see how she has followed her passion for music. After moving to LA to work for the legendary record label, Stones Throw Records she then went on to work with Influential music collective Boiler Room as they spread their musical influence from the US to London.

As of late Mndsgn, Alima and Sofie have launched their record label Akashik Records & Tapes. Their first full-length release being ‘Vivians’ which featured Jonwayne, Quelle Chris and Nanna B. The label is also responsible for signing the satin-silky smooth Joyce Wrice. Be sure to check out Sofie’s set where she’ll no doubt deliver some exclusive tracks, underground hip-hop treats and soulful soothers.

Source: Promo

Bradley Zero

Bradley Zero in 2009 launch Rhythm Section, which hosts a variety of new acts and boost the awareness of independent labels. With an obsessive attitude to sourcing musical gems of the past, Bradley Zero has slowly been able to become a hotspot for house music of the past, present and future. Twice a month you can catch Bradley Zero pump the airwaves with the finest sounds in Peckham where he joins the likes of Henry Wu, FYI Chris, Shanti Celeste.

Rhythm Section International label is culpable for some of the house music most refreshing small dosages; ‘Morning Peckham’ by Henry Wu, ‘Back In the Millennium’ by FYI Chris and ‘Well Well’ by Hidden Spheres. To catch Bradley Zero at Dimensions means you’ll be listening to the very best of today’s house music soundscape via the only way you should listen to such music, vinyl.

Dimensions Festival is becoming one of the most significant and important festivals for underground music. It’s also hosted in one of the best festival locations in the world; Fort Punta Christo, Croatia. Tickets are still avaliable on their website – click here.

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