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Boomtown Strive To Increase Drug Awareness At This Year’s Festival

Boomtown and The Loop’s progressive drug awareness approach is exactly what the festival scene needs right now.


Source: PR / Promo

Boomtown and The Loop’s progressive drug awareness approach is exactly what the festival scene needs right now.

After announcing the partnership, the festival will spread drug awareness with the help of The Loop’s trained drug counsellors. In an effort to educated young festival-goers, Boomtown and The Loop will be offering substance testing and support for 60,000 attendees.

Founder of The Loop, Professor Fiona Measham had this to say:

“We are delighted to be able to work in partnership with Boomtown this year to help reduce drug-related harm on site. We will be providing our free, anonymous, drug safety testing – MAST – for the first time at Boomtown this year and hope that this will help inform all services on site, as well as festival-goers, who may encounter substances of concern.”

In a non-judgemental manner, Boomtown has dedicated a page on their website highlighting a selection of current dangerous drug trends at festivals and events in the UK. They focus on three main topics; the severe dangers of drug misuse, effects of mixing drugs (polydrug use), including prescription drugs, and increased strength of Ecstasy / MDMA.

For too long we’ve seen authorities around the world take a hard stance on drug usage and substance abuse, which has undoubtedly failed. The “war on drugs” mentality has arguably done more harm than good as people are too afraid to reach out for help. After reading multiple stories about deaths in young adults due to accidental overdoses at events around the country, it’s refreshing to see this mature tactic to help people; rather than punishing them.

By the way, drugs are still illegal and Boomtown has stated: “Do not bring them into the festival, you will be refused entry, evicted or prosecuted if you are caught doing so. Please note that we will have increased security measures, amnesty procedures and searches at the gates.”

The festival has sold out for the 9th year running, so you’re going to have to scroll through social media and suffer from major FOMO so see what’s going on behind them gates. For more information about harm reduction presser, visit their website.

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