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“You Would Be Surprised How Much You Actually Lose By Adding Another Member” | Moriaty Interview

Moriaty recently released new single ‘Bones’, a collaboration with Chris Wolstenholme from Muse. We caught up with them to discuss the track and more.

Source: Official Facebook

Source: Official Facebook

Despite only being February, Devon’s self described ‘filthy indie blues’ duo Moriaty have had an eventful year already. The band are currently out on tour following the release of new single ‘Bones’. It’s their best track to date, made sweeter with the fact that it features Muse’s Chris Wolstenholme on bass. We caught up with them recently to discuss how the track came about, and why two-piece bands are on the rise.

HTF: Hi guys, for our readers who haven’t heard of you before, could you introduce yourselves and your music quickly?

Matt: Hello I’m Matt the Drummer From Moriaty and were a filthy rock and roll band from Devon.

Jordan: Guitar.

HTF: The new single ‘Bones’ has been received really well so far, what do you think of the reaction?

Matt: It’s been a great start to the year lots of great comments and plenty of views on the video which is a huge bonus.

HTF: Muse’s Chris Wolstenholme appears on the track and in the video, how did that come about and what was it like working with him?

Jordan: He invited us to his studio to work on some tracks and he really liked ‘Bones’. It was actually written on a 6 string bass and Chris thought it needed some guitar, so he offered to do the bass parts so i could play guitar.

Matt: With him being the best bassist on the planet it was an easy choice. They’re one of my favourite bands growing up so to work with him was an honour. And he’s a lovely bloke.

HTF: Do you find there are any difficulties playing live as a two piece – especially after collaborations like this?

Jordan: You would be surprised how much you actually lose by adding another member. You gain sonically, of course you do, but there is a loss of something – can’t quite put my finger on it. Bones and other songs we have collaborated on are difficult to reproduce. But then again it’s never been my intern to reproduce anything we do on record live. I’d rather just create an epic sound and have people enjoy a show for what it is, in the moment. Records are to take home, playing live is to live.

HTF: When you write songs, what’s at the forefront of your mind, how it works in the live show or the studio?

Matt: Bit of both really. Starts with us thinking people will love this riff then we think about what we can add in the studio environment.

Jordan: The riffs just come at rehearsals. Some make it into songs, some develop on records, or just stay live. We ad lib a lot live – you can’t get fresher than fresh with this stuff sometimes.

HTF: Musical duos seem to be on the up lately, why do you think that is?

Matt: I dunno I think the two pieces who are doing well have big tunes and regardless of the amount of members you have if the tunes are good people are gonna dig it.

Jordan: Well… in this very high paced expensive age we live in, time and money are a lot more important than they ever were. The ability to meet up, rehearse, take time off work to go on tour, make enough money when you are gigging etc… is a lot easier when there are only two of you. Adding another into that mix is harder ad infinitum. The fact that the [White] Stripes and The Black Keys got away with it, inspired the likes of us, Slaves, Royal Blood, Drenge, Wet Nuns to just pick up your guitars and jam with a drummer. 2 pieces are not novelty, they are necessity.
These will grow, Drenge have a bass player, The Black Keys have a full band, Royal Blood have been clever sonically but they will have to adapt. When you have time and money on your side you can do what you want, and all the big boys will. In the meantime, we’ll hook up with our mates when we want to because i love eggs on toast in the morning, I have it every day – but a man can not survive on eggs on toast alone – there’s two other meals alone!

HTF: Your music has quite a classic, blues inspired sound. What are your main influences and inspirations?

Jordan: We both like a range of stuff. Jordan might be listening to Chas and Dave and at the same time I would be listening to The Charlatans. We’re both open to anything if its good. In terms of this band, i guess its a combination between RATM, Snoop, Muddy Waters, Jonny Cash, Muse and Oasis.

HTF: Do you have any plans or news that you can share with us at the moment?

Matt & Jordan: We are on Tour around the U.K from Feb 13th for a week up and down the country and we plan to release some singles over the next few months and smash the festival season right in.

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