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Who Will Be In The Justice League Movie?

With more and more character origin stories being confirmed by Warner Bros. and DC each month, we take a look at who is in and who has rumoured to be in the upcoming Justice League movie

Source: DC Comics

Last month Warner Bros. announced the planned release dates for several of their upcoming movies all the way up until 2020. Although they didn’t specify which films they had planned for each date, they did previously mention that a Justice League movie was their ultimate goal and so this sent the fans into a frenzy as they tried to determine which characters and films would be added to the DC Comics’ rival to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Based on what we already know about which characters will be appearing in the DC canon along with who has been speculated and the actual make-up of the League from the comics, we take a look at who we think will feature in the Justice League Movie.

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