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Why I Went From Hating The Summer Set To Seeing Them 100 Times

One of our writers hated The Summer Set when she first saw them and now she’s seen them 100 times. Find out why she found herself slightly addicted.

The Summer Set 2013

Source: Official Promo

When I first rocked up to The Sets, a now closed bar venue in Tempe, Arizona, I didn’t not expect to find myself complaining bitterly as a young band fumbled their way through what was their first ever proper show — unbeknownst to me, of course. I was even younger; at 12 years old, wanting to see the headlining band which happened to be The Maine. I survived The Summer Set’s first performance and hoped that I would never cross paths with them again, but since they hail from my hometown it was a little easier said than done.

The next time I saw the quintet, they had replaced guitarist Dillon Morris with Josh Montgomery, completing the lineup that stands strong to this day. Slowly, as time progressed, they managed to grow on me and when they released their debut full-length, Love Like This in October of 2009, I was hooked. This is the album sporting some of the band’s best loved tracks including ‘Chelsea‘ and ‘The Boys You Do (Get Back At You)‘ which remain staples on their setlists six years later.

The Summer Set have filled a lot of support slots in the UK since they first came here in 2011, and so it’s unsurprising to see fans of the headlining band walk in to the venue looking like they’re about to be subjected to the worst half an hour of their life. The results tend to be far different. This is a band who know how to put on a show; they raise the energy levels and inject their live shows with a bit more rock n roll than you’d hear on record, so you could be the biggest emo this side of the Atlantic and you’re sure to still enjoy them. As someone who’s former faves included My Chemical Romance and Taking Back Sunday, I can assure you that it’s entirely possible as I’m still not bored of TSS, even after seeing them exactly 100 times.

Truth be told, The Summer Set and their music are highly infectious. When it comes to my friends, I either met them through this band, or met them through other bands but managed to get them fixated on this one nevertheless. There’s something about the poptastic choruses and intricate lyrics that just draw people in, and then the band’s stage presence and general easy-going attitude is what makes those very people stay — and soon enough they’re calling themselves fans.

Since Love Like This, the band have released two more albums — Everything’s Fine and Legendary — and have toured with the likes of All Time LowSleeping With Sirens and Tonight Alive in the UK. It’s been just over a year now since they last performed here but they are surely set to return in 2016 as they have recently confirmed that their fourth studio album is more or less complete. 

Despite them being my favourite band, I know that The Summer Set are not for everyone. If you consider Cannibal Corpse your favourite then you should probably steer clear, but otherwise this is a band that can appeal to all kinds of music fans on the rock & pop scale whether you like Mayday Parade and State Champs or 5 Seconds Of Summer and One Direction. I encourage you to give them a chance and you may just be surprised!

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