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When Awards Shows Turn Into Bad Behaviour Awards

After the Bring Me The Horizon/ NME Awards fiasco we looked back on previous awards ceremonies to see what other bad behaviour has ensued. Have a look who’s in for the bad behaviour awards.

Arctic Monkeys – NME Awards 2008

Back when the Sheffield boys were still on their way to conquering the world, they bagged three NME Awards in 2008. The ‘party’ must have been a bit dull because the band decided it would be good fun to completely clear a huge area at the backstage bar after letting off some stink bombs.

That wasn’t the end though! Obviously, the young lads were in a good mood after winning their awards. Though maybe they were having too much fun as they were eventually escorted out of the venue by security and asked to leave after someone in their entourage lit up a cigarette inside.

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