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When Awards Shows Turn Into Bad Behaviour Awards

After the Bring Me The Horizon/ NME Awards fiasco we looked back on previous awards ceremonies to see what other bad behaviour has ensued. Have a look who’s in for the bad behaviour awards.

Bring Me The Horizon

Source: Facebook

The other week, we all heard about the whole Bring Me The Horizon and Coldplay fiasco that happened at the NME Awards. Good old Oli Sykes might have got a little bit tipsy or over-excited, during the bands performance, and may or may not have jumped onto Coldplay’s table and knock over Chris Martin’s drinks/destroyed the whole table.

If you, somehow, missed it, the video of the whole thing is below.

It’s got us thinking though… What other outrageous behaviour have we seen at awards shows? We’ve got a short list of three other rock acts who got a bit too rock ‘n’ roll. 


Raging Speedhorn – Kerrang! Awards 2002

The Kerrang! awards have been renowned for being a bit rowdy compared to some of the other more ‘elite’ award ceremonies and that was very apparent back in 2002 when Raging Speedhorn had to be escorted away by bouncers. The British group didn’t win any awards but booed enthusiastically throughout the show, smashed all the glasses and bottles on their table before the bouncers took them away to another room, supposedly for interviews.

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