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What’s The Deal With All These Co-Headline Announcements?

Are co-headline festival appearances the future, or should they stick to the classic recipe?

Source: line up poster

Source: line up poster

As the next big wave of festival headliners slowly start to fade in, a new tradition seems to have found itself among the mix too. Co-headline acts are becoming more and more popular these days. A few places they’ve cropped up are Reading and Leeds Festival and we’ve seen it with A Day To Remember and The Amity Affliction as part of their Big Ass Tour over in Australia. But doesn’t the idea of two acts headlining the same night kind of break the traditional headline formula? Having to share a slot you’ve worked hard to reach in your musical career must end up tasting a little sour surely?

Perhaps I’m wrong. Although as an avid festival goer I’m used to getting hyped over a trio of BIG names. You know, your MetallicaIron Maiden, even Slipknot have secured themselves among the headline kings as far as I’m concerned. It just doesn’t seem right to me that a headline slot should be split between two acts. In my opinion that glory is reserved for a band who’s worked their balls to the bone to get there and enjoy every second of their time on that stage. Reading and Leeds have introduced co-headline acts a few times. With Queens Of The Stone Age and Paramore both headlining in 2014, and this year we’ve got Foals and Disclosure and Fall Out Boy AND Biffy Clyro, it’s spreading!

Maybe I’m just afraid of change. A little nervous to accept something new. I guess it could be argued that the idea of a co headline gives smaller bands the chance to show that they can perform a headline slot. However, looking back into some festival history and that idea is kind of belittled by the fact that Biffy Clyro for example have already successfully carried an headline slot on their own. So the idea of throwing Fall Out Boy in there seems kind of unnecessary. Direct support sure, but why have them intrude on Biffy’s stage time, or (and it pains me to say it) vice versa if FOB where to headline.

Again this all comes down to my own opinion, but it’s going to take something incredibly special for my opinion to change. Something ridiculous like a Lamb of God and Machine Head co-headline, now THAT I could get behind. For now though, until that faithful day I do think that the traditional festival formula shouldn’t be messed with. It’s something I’ve grown to look forward to each year and messing with it sets me on edge a bit. That being said I would totally be able to stomach a co-headline gig, like the Bullet For My Valentine Asking Alexandria British Invasion tour that just hit the states, the bill was incredible. However, when crammed into a three day festival that’s already oozing with incredible bands. Call me old fashioned but it’s just a little too much for me.

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