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We’ve Lost Too Many Bands In 2014. Is It Best To Quit While You’re Ahead?

A few bands have announced their breakup this year, citing it as the “right time” to do so. Is there such thing as a right time? and is it better to put an end to it before you fizzle out?

Source: Rhian Westbury

2014 has not been an easy one for the rock fan. We’ve had to say our goodbyes to far too many great bands. While we’re still nursing our broken heart over the last band, yet another one announces that they too will be calling it a day. Each band posts a different statement on their social media pages, but each one says something along the lines of “We felt like it was the right time.” Is there really even a right time at all?

Naturally, as fan you would think no, how can there be a right time when you wanted to grow old with your favourite band? Whilst most fans will be upset, some will be angry and go to lengths as to say that the band is “selfish”. Take a step back and think of it this way, how would YOU want to be remembered? The sad truth of the matter is that not every band has got what it takes to be The Rolling Stones; making music and travelling the world for over fifty years.

The one thing we all have in common though, is we all want to be remembered fondly; with our memories bringing a smile to people’s faces. That leads us back to our question, is there a right time for goodbye? Personally, we think there is. Let’s take a look at a band like Kids In Glass Houses. We’ve heard plenty of people sharing the opinion that the band’s debut Smart Casual was the band at their prime. Or take a band like The Blackout, who also recently announced their break up; it’s no secret that Start The Party wasn’t quite as popular among fans as their previous releases. That doesn’t mean these guys aren’t a great band altogether, but there’s no denying that people haven’t been quite as keen about their newer material.

Sometimes, as sad as it is, you can just see a break up coming. Canterbury are playing their three last shows later this month. As heavy as it made our hearts to hear this would be the end, we couldn’t help but feel like this was a long time coming. Canterbury are a GREAT band, and every time you head out to a show you’re left wondering why they’re not getting more recognition. Here’s an example so you understand what we mean. Earlier this year, the band took out Blitz Kids on tour. Since then Blitz Kids have grown tremendously; and they’re even currently out on tour with Taking Back Sunday. Meanwhile, Canterbury have remained the same size. It’s sad, but it’s the cruel way music works sometimes.

Wouldn’t it be more upsetting to see these bands go after a few years if they lose their relevance and fizzle out? Whilst yes, things like that are a result of time – people grow out of things they once loved – maybe bands themselves feel that they are no longer at the top of the game. Maybe the time has come and they no longer know how to outdo themselves. If you announce a break up and some people are still surprised about it; it shows they still care. Everyone wants to go out with a bang. No one deserves to play a farewell show to empty room – that’s just not how it’s meant to play out.

Quite a few people are quick to say the British rock scene is currently in a pickle. We disagree. Yeah, we’ve lost a handful of bands and we’ll probably lose some more in the next few years; but there’s also an abundance of smaller bands with the potential to become the next big thing. Who would have thought a few years ago that Bring Me The Horizon would be smashing Wembley Arena? Well, they just did – and that there is a testament to British rock.

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