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We Chat To Save Ferris Before Their First Time Back In The UK Since 2001 For Slam Dunk Festival | Interview

We’re excited that Save Ferris’ return to the UK will be at this year’s Slam Dunk Festival! We have a chat with vocalist Monique Powell about all the things she’s excited about.

Save Ferris

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This year’s Slam Dunk Festival lineup is a killer – featuring some new faces as well as old-time veterans. It may come as a surprise but California ska punkers Save Ferris have never hit the Slam Dunk stage. Their appearance at the upcoming festival will also mark their return to the UK in many years. We had a chat with vocalist Monique Powell to check in on all the things she’s excited about playing this year’s festival.

MOSH: You’re playing Slam Dunk for the first time this year – what are you expecting from your appearance at this year’s festival?

MP: Well, it’s our first time back to the UK since 2001. I really hope there are people there that are excited to see us. I know I’m excited to be coming back!

MOSH: What is your favourite part of playing a festival vs. a gig?

MP: This festival in particular, a bunch of my friends will be playing with us, so it’s going to be like a giant three day party, which is always fun!

MOSH: How do you go about switching up your setlist for festivals?

MP: It mostly has to do with the amount of time we have to play. I also take into consideration the vibe of the festival and the audience. I.e. their age demographic as well as the overall genre of the majority of the bands on the show.

MOSH: Do you have any new tracks/ particular songs you are excited about playing live?Do you have any new tracks/ particular songs you are excited about playing live?

MP: I’m really looking forward to playing a couple songs from the new EP that came out last year. Particularly a song called “Do I Even Like You”? It’s a crowd pleaser.

MOSH: This year’s lineup is amazing – who are you most excited to be playing alongside/ hoping to catch?

MP: Super excited to be playing with Zebrahead, can’t wait to catch them live and hang out with them.

MOSH: Using only the bands on the lineup this year, can you create your dream tour?

That’s a hard one, and I hate to seem like I’m skirting around the issue, but probably about 90% of the bands on the shows are bands that I would love to tour with on any given day.

MOSH: What are some of your best tips to surviving a festival?

MP: Comfortable shoes that are mud and dust resistant, a light zip-up hoodie, sunblock, hand sanitizer, baby wipes, a flask of whiskey, and a good backpack to keep it all in. I’m also a big fan of the fanny pack. Because they’re awesome. Make sure to walk around and make friends. Festivals are also the best way to catch a lot of new music in a short period of time. It’s very inspiring, so be sure to get in as many bands if you can.

MOSH: What exciting things have you got lined up for the rest of the year?

MP: I’m currently writing a full length record, release date to be determined. I’m co-writing with some incredible people. Members of sublime, Long Beach dub all stars, the Aggrolites, Goldfinger, and the list goes on….
Additionally we have a few larger shows lined up, and the possibility of coming back to Europe again in October. I’m gearing up to make another video for one of the songs off of last years’ EP.

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