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Two by Two: Songs To Enjoy From The All New Glastonbury Loo!

With the news that you can now watch the Pyramid stage whilst on the loo. Here are ten songs to help ease those toilet blues at this years Glastonbury.

Source: Wikipedia

Source: Wikipedia

It is now possible to watch the Pyramid stage at Glastonbury Festival on the loo due to Wateraid fitting some see through toilets so that the occupier wont miss any of the action from Kanye, The Who or Florence. But, not to worry, these are one way mirrored toilets so there won’t be an audience enjoying your own special performance!

Here at HTF we have decided on the top ten songs to listen to as you have this unique experience.

1. ‘Song 2’ – Blur

Obviously the most route one track will be Blur’s ‘Song Two’ because when you’re taking a number two why not listen to the sound of two. Woo Hoo!


2. ‘Let it Go’ – Idina Menzel

The most over-played song since Pharrell’s ‘Happy’, ‘let It Go’ is the perfect relief from a weekend’s worth of beans, cheesy chips and sausages.


3. ‘Sound of Silence’ – Simon & Garfunkel

When nothing works its best to just sit back and wait and enjoy the sound of silence.


4. ‘Shake It Out’ – Florence & The Machine

A very apt song for the Sunday night headline act. Shake it out guys ,shake it out.


5. ‘Push It’ -Garbage

If the previous advice from Flo and the Mac doesn’t work why not take some advice from Shirley Manson and just push it?!


6. ‘Going Underground’ – The Jam

It is best to keep these things deeper underground, but any Jam song will always supersede anything by Jamiroquai. So here take it away Paul Weller and the boys, we’re going underground.


7. ‘Stairway To Heaven’ – Led Zeppelin

You maybe in there for some time so why not let this classic Zeppelin epic guide you through the quiet gentle start to the heavy crescendo?


8. ‘Ring Of Fire’ – Johnny Cash

With all this straining some people may occur some soreness: allow the country legend to emphasise with you? We’ve all been there folks.


9. ‘We’ve Gotta Get Out Of This Place’-  The Animals

Because after the storm it is best to exit the area as humanly fast as possible!


10. ‘Return To Innocence’ – Enigma

This peaceful bliss is the perfect cure to the post poo blues. A return to innocent times.

Ten great songs to accompany a visit to a festival toilet. We hope that no one has to sit and watch Kanye West from the John. But if you do remember to always bring wet wipes. Or you can just do it all from home and do whatever you want whilst watching the show. Naked with an ice pop and a selfie-stick.

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