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Tracks That Make Us Wish We Were Back In The 00’s

Here’s a playlist to take you back to the 00’s, styles ranging from metal to lighter indie but all typically 00’s.

Music has progressed and developed drastically since the 00's which is of course a great thing but there are times when we can't help but miss some of those great songs which acted as anthems for that decade. We have created a playlist combing songs throughout the 00's which should give the perfect nostalgia and take you back to what ever you were up to in the 00's, if you want to remember that is. 

14. Kaiser Chiefs – ‘Ruby’ – A chorus which was loved and hated all at the same time but cannot be un-lived and would you really want to forget it?

A selection of tracks to take you back to the 00’s heard in who knows what situation but the 00’s all the same.

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