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Top Music Videos From This From The Likes Of Hacktivist And The Autumn Ravine

Our favourite music videos this week come in the form of banging tracks by Hacktivist, Jared James Nichols, The Autumn Ravine and more.


Source: YouTube Screenshot

What a week it’s been. Lucky for us, we never really have to worry about a short of newly released singles, which usually means pretty awesome music videos come with it. Check out this week’s best from Jared James Nichols, Hacktivist, The Autumn Ravine and more.

Jared James Nichols – Don’t You Try
Jared James Nichols may not be releasing his sophomore album until 2017, but he isn’t about to keep everyone waiting that long. This June 3rd he will be releasing his latest single ‘Don’t You Try’, the music video for which has already been revealed. “The song’s about belief.  It’s about what you’re told when you’re young and how it has an impression on you. How strong other people’s words can be. How there’s always something in the back of your mind, chasing you. At the end of the day, you have to believe in what you want.”

Hacktivist – Hate
First things first, there’s a cat in this video. Also believe it or not, Hacktivist‘s latest music video was filmed and edited on a measly budget of £10 by bassist Josh Gurner.

The Autumn Ravine – Narcissus
You may not have heard of them yet, but The Autumn Ravine have got a lot in store for 2016. Their latest track ‘Narcissus’ is “written about a modern interpretation of the Greek mythological character Narcissus. In some versions of the tale, Narcissus drowned himself when he laid eyes upon his own reflection in a pond. He drowned because he admired his own appearance so much he fell in love with it and was unable to let it go.” Fans of bouncy alt-rock will surely enjoy this tune.

Farewell, My Love – Crazy
Arizona band Farewell, My Love have revealed a freak show themed music video for their latest track ‘Crazy’. If you’re a fan, then you’re in for a treat as the single is available for free download here.

Emarosa – Helpless
‘Helpless’ is Emarosa‘s second single from their forthcoming album 131, releasing July 8th via Hopeless Records. For this music video they worked with director Megan Thompson as well as actress, dancer, comedian and multimedia artist Lindsay Ames; who choreographed the video together with the band’s frontman Bradley Walden.

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