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Top Five Rock Tracks On Movie Soundtracks

Our picks for most iconic rock songs on movie soundtracks– we break down some of the most memorable marriages of film and music!

Sometimes the song was written for the movie, other times the scene written around the song, but regardless the best movie soundtracks tie song and film scene inextricably together in your head. Whether you've just seen the movie or haven't watched it in years, hearing the song immediately brings the movie vividly to mind. Below, five truly iconic rock songs on movie soundtracks:

‘Eye of the Tiger’ in Rocky III

One of the all-time great cheesy 1980s rock songs, ‘Eye of the Tiger’ has everything: fantastic vocals, do-or-die lyrics, and a great groove. After Sylvester Stallone was refused the rights to use Queen‘s ‘Another One Bites the Dust’, he enlisted Survivor to write a song for the film that would tick all the same boxes. What resulted, though, was something greater than its formulaic origins would suggest. Accompanying Rocky’s training montage, the song became an instant classic and a smash hit for Survivor.  With its overcoming-the-odds lyrics (“Had the guts, got the glory, went the distance / Just a man and his will to survive”), the song remains forever linked to the film…and has spawned countless dramatic lip-synched car renditions, in real life and fiction.

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