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Top 5 Reasons Ryan Gosling Is The Dream Prom Date!

Find out why we think Ryan Gosling would make the dream prom date here.

As girls all over the country get ready for prom season we having been thinking about the dream date. There are loads of celebrities that could fit the criteria, making your friends jealous, treating you like a princess and someone that looks like a total dream boat. Then of course, there are the men who we’ve all seen in romance movies and instantly fallen in love with. At the top of this list is Ryan Gosling. He is the kind of man who is so perfect that there are colouring books made up of just pictures of him, the kind of man who you would want to meet your parents and the kind of guy you could show off to all your friends. Here, we have made a list of five of the best reasons why Ryan would make the perfect prom date.

1: He’s really very good looking

How could anyone resist those dreamy deep blue eyes? And remember when he got all buff? He seems to have blossomed into a real heart throb since The Notebook days. He was given the job because he was not considered very handsome but the film seems to have had the opposite effect on his reputation and he is now thought of as one of the most handsome actors out there. That well kept stubble, beautifully tanned skin and toned body… You can rest assured that you would have the best looking date in the room and if you want to be the centre of attention we’re sure all eyes would be on you and Ryan.

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