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Top 10 Worst Things About Music Festivals

Although they’re magical places, music festivals do have their downfalls and here’s 10 of them that are really annoying.

Source: Promo / Facebook

Source: Promo / Facebook

Music festivals are amazing and are often the highlight of summer, who wouldn’t want to listen to great music, hang out with friends and have a fantastic time for a couple of days? However, with the good comes a whole load of bad:

Source: Josh Pratt

Source: Josh Pratt

Festival Portaloos

This one goes without saying, the worst of the worst, the festival portaloo. If hell is a place, I’m sure it closely resembles the inside of a portaloo on the last day of a festival, not a pleasant sight. As well as this, the queues for the loos are always ridiculous; you could probably sail around the world twice, faster than you could get to the loo.

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