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My Top 10 Tracks Of All Time – Chris Hines (HTF Editor)

We asked our team to compile their top 10 songs ever! To kick it off our editor Chris tells you his…


So I decided to set the HTF team the almost impossible task of choosing their personal top 10 tracks of all time. Think it sounds easy? Just try it! What criteria makes a song one of your top tracks? Is it just what your listening to at the minute or will it include all those key songs in life that attach memories and maybe have even changed your life?

To start the proceedings, and after weeks of torment, here is what I think is my final list! Is it what I was expecting when I first started? Not even close! And no way am I even gonna try and put them in an order. It took long enough to just get 10!

Why not have a go yourself! If you want to get your top 10 featured on the site email us your list and the reasons why to with the subject “READER TOP 10” and you mite end up on the site!

May I please introduce, my Top 10 Tracks Of All Time!

Check out the playlist on Spotify – My Top 10 Tracks Of All Time

Andrew WK – I Get Wet
I’m gonna start with the obvious. Anyone who knows me will know that I’m a huge W.K fan and it will come as no surprise to see this in my list. For me this is one of the most intense, inspiring, anthemic, energetic and just plain ‘hairs on the back of the neck’ songs ever created. I can literally listen to this on repeat and feel I can take on the entire world. It’s like a shot of adrenaline straight to the heart and there is no way on earth this would ever not make my top list. Who’s needs Redbull? Put this on and prepare to fucking dominate life! As well as that this song has helped me through a lot. If i’m ever down this song is the best pick up ever, keeps me positive and never lets me down.

The Mama’s And Papas – California Dreaming

I actually discovered this song through a punk cover by a band called Hi Standard when I was a teen. I remember being at a friends house and he was playing me some of his punk CD’s and then this burst from the speakers and blew my mind. After hearing it was a cover I checked out the original and fell in love. From the vocal harmonies to the flute solo it’s utter perfection and the fact it still stands it’s ground over 40 years from it’s original release is a testament to it’s greatness. Thank you Punk Rock for bringing me this utter gem!

Soundgarden – Spoon Man

Probably one of the most significant songs on the entire list. Without this track you would not be reading this. Hearing this for the first time changed my life. Before this my interest in music was basically whatever my friends listened to at the time, which was mainly old rave tapes. I remember trying to explain the song to a friend of mine and he thought I was joking when I said I love a song called ‘Spoonman’. I remember xmas day calling him up when I got the album and playing it down the phone to him. Without this there would be no Hit The Floor, I would never have been in a band and my life would be nothing like it is now. I owe everything to this song.

Dashboard Confessional – Hands Down

As well as being one of the most beautifully crafted songs ever this will always stay close to my heart for it’s attachment to a certain time of my life. Long before I wrote for a magazine I was a bit of a blagger, and a bit naughty, and used to ‘pretend’ to write for magazines to get to meet some of my favourite bands (I’m hoping I’ve made up for that now!).

I used my ‘blagging skills’ at the time to get an interview with Andrew WK; this time being only a partial blag as at the time I had started to write a very small column for a local fanzine. Upon interviewing Andrew we did confess to him that we didn’t write for anything particularly big and basically we were just huge fans and just wanted to meet him. Needless to say, he loved it! He then spent about 2 hours chatting to us and even ended up sacking off some other magazine interviews to talk to us until his tour manager had to reign him in and get him to leave as he was doing a photoshoot with some people who I think had come over from Italy.

Obviously after the interview we were all absolutely buzzing. After an incredible gig, him dedicating a song to us and us getting on stage to sing with him it seemed like it couldn’t get any better. Waiting round to see him again after the show I ended up meeting a girl from the show. We hit it off and ended up getting together for a while. So how does this tie in with the song? Well at the same time as this I was introduced to this song and the one line that seemed to fit that night was ‘Hands down this is the best day I can ever remember’. That relationship didn’t last, in fact only lasted a few months, but I’m sure most of you won’t disagree that meeting Andrew WK and getting a girlfriend in one day is pretty good and this song summed that up perfectly!

No Doubt – New

For those of you not in the know, I used to be quite a big No Doubt fan. I went beyond just liking their music and into the realm of the mega fan. I probably have a few thousand pound of merchandise, I set-up and ran their unofficial UK fan club and I even went as far as to dye my hair pink to match Gwen during her Return Of Saturn phase. More recently, I was even on ITV’s Take Me Out and had my brother telling everyone about it on national television. Those days have long gone now though but there is no denying No Doubt had a huge impact on my life.

While sorting this list it was tough to decide on a single No Doubt song to add. There was no doubt (pardon the pun) they must be included but which track? In the end it had to be ‘New’. After the more ska/rock ‘Tragic Kingdom’ which majorly influenced me (I went on to start a ska/punk band for nearly 8 years) I still remember the day I heard ‘New’ for the first time. I watched the video in awe. Then watched it again and again. They had totally moved away from the Tragic Kingdom sound but had come out with something so fresh and new (pardon the pun – again!) that it blew me away. I think from that point is where my No Doubt obsession stated to escalate more than ever. By far one their best tracks and from one of their most unrated albums.

Mayday Parade – Kids In Love

This is another of those songs with a strong memory attachment. Summer time, mansion party, Mel falling drunk into the jacuzzi, drunk swimming, drinking wine on a rock watching a sunset over the ocean and good friends. I don’t see many of the group from this party anymore but will always remember those few days. Good times! #crammond

No Use For A Name – International You Day
To me this is one of the best punk rock songs ever written and I can’t even begin to explain why I love this song so much. Tony Sly’s song writing is just incredible and I can’t fault this song in anyway . There isn’t much more I can say. I just love it and I will never ever get bored of it. Ever! R.I.P Tony Sly.

Weezer – The World Has Turned And Left Me Here

Anyone who has heard Weezer’s debut album will agree it’s perfect. If you don’t, listen to it again until you do! In fact, It’s possibly one of the most perfect albums ever in my opinion. There is not one bad track on the entire album and will forever be one of my favourite albums ever. From within that perfection one track has always shone above the rest for me – The World Has Turned And Left Me Here. The song lyrically follows on from previous track ‘No One Else’ where Rivers sings about his obsessive jealous side and how he wants his ‘girl to laugh for no one else’. The World Has Turned acts as the sequel where they end up parting ways and he realises what he has lost. From the grit of the guitar sound, the almost heartbeat of the kick drum, and Rivers’ story telling lyrics it’s just incredible. You know when you love a song so much you can’t explain it? This is one of them for me.

Ke$ha – Crazy Beautiful Life

Yeh, I wouldn’t have expected a Ke$ha track to have made it into my top tracks either until this one! I mean I love Ke$ha but it takes a lot to be in this list. So why this track?

Basically from the moment I heard this track I related to it. The lyrics summed up exactly where my life was at that point in time. I was living up in London and was the first time I’d been single in 6 years so life got a bit crazy. From drunken nights out with friends, waking up on random peoples sofas and just living to the max, and doing it all again the next night, it just felt like the soundtrack to my life. Even the fact she references the shit jobs she had do in the past and the way she ‘ran her mouth’ to get where she was (see Dashboard Confessional track above) just seemed to relate with me. I’ve always been a big believer of living life to the full and Ke$ha just seemed to share that exact feeling.

I’m in love, alright
With my crazy, beautiful life
With the parties, the disasters
With my friends all pretty & plastered

Every night we’re down to go out
Waking up on a different couch
‘Til the next night on the next flight
Yeah, I guess we’re doing alright

The Ataris – Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start

And finally the last in my top 10 and a song that means a lot to me. Here’s the story behind why I will always love this song. Many many years back I had just split up from a girlfriend I was with for around two years. I was pretty down in the dumps about it and did some things that I regretted. Now this is gonna sound proper cheesy but just bear with me. I was in the shower just thinking about life and feeling pretty sorry for myself when the sun shone through my window and lit up the whole bathroom (this honestly happened). I don’t know what it was but at that moment something clicked in my brain and I thought ‘Fuck it! I don’t want to feel like shit anymore’.

New year was approaching so I made a new years resolution to ‘Party Hard’ (you can guess where that came from!) meaning I was going to try and go out every night for an entire month and have as much fun as possible. And that’s what I did. Me and group of friends would meet up late at night and just drive and see where we ended up. We camped in a haunted castle, we went at looked at the harbour lights at 3am, we stole a sign from outside a garden centre, we went to a pub quiz, we played dice in a dingy rock club, we egged the shit out of each others cars and it was fucking awesome.

And what was that soundtrack to that time? This very song! It sums up how great life can be. It’s all about adventure, friendship and making the most of every moment. Hell, I even got lyrics from it tattoo’d on my arm! The Ataris have always been one of my all time favourite bands and this is one of the reasons why. This song will always inspire me and remember to always have fun.

sometimes you gotta stop and remember
that your not gonna live forever.
be young, think smart, stay true
and just follow your heart.


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