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Top 10 Tracks For A Rock N Roll Road Trip!

It’s summer time, and what better to do then hit the road and rock out! Check out our top 10 tracks for your road trip soundtrack.

Credit: Wayne’s World (1992)

Summer has come back around, and you have to admit that there’s nothing better than lazing in the sun listening to your favourite music, and maybe reading a good book – well, there is. A road trip! It’s a concept that isn’t maybe as popular as it once was, what with the hippie movement of the 60s that had teenagers cutting loose and hitting the road, but it’s still do-able if you have the time, funds and of course, the wanderlust. But of course, no road trip is complete without its very own soundtrack that might have you thinking that you’re starring in your very own flick. Not sure how to narrow down your huge iTunes library? Never fear, HTF is here to provide you with the top 10 tracks that can really make your rock N roll road trip!

10. The Killers – When You Were Young

This incredible belter from the earlier days of The Killers will have you rolling down the windows and singing at the top of your lungs, no matter whether your road trip is driving through the Arizona desert or more likely, one of the Home Counties.

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