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Top 10 Musicians That Resemble Fish Or Amphibians (Feature)

Ever thought a musician looked like a fish or an amphibian? We have! Here’s our run down of the best of the best!

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We’ve all done it! Many times have I been sat watching VH1 and suddenly gone “Shit! That guy looks like Beaked Salmon” or “Christ!! Could she be any more like a European Spadefoot Toad!”. I thought it was time to share the list we have ALL been waiting for. May I present, the Top 10 Musicians That Resemble Fish Or Amphibians!

There is no order on this one as they are all just so great!

List compiled by: Chris Hines & Chris Lovegrove

Robert Plant

Robert Plant / The Red Snapper

With quite an equal pink glow it’s easy to see why these two are practically cousins.

Rick Waller

Rick Waller / The Blob Fish

No comment needed

Mick Hucknall

Mick Hucknall / The Axolotl

Look at their smiling faces and matching hair do’s.

I doubt anyone would have noticed if an Axolotl replaced Mick in the ‘Fairground’ video.


Marilyn Manson / The Angler Fish

Let’s be fair, they are both scary bastards and look at their horrid teeth!

Keith Richards

Keith Richards / The Cane Toad

With that stern look and wrinkled complexion it’s no wonder Keith and the Cane Toad are look-a-likes.

Wouldn’t surprise me if Keith had licked a few of these in his time as well the little scamp!


Jason C Miller (Godhead) – The Malawi Blue Dolphin Cichlid

The singer from Godhead has fish written all over him!

I’ve heard he carries round a Fluvel pump and an under gravel filter in his bag.

Adam Ant

Adam Ant/ The Trigger Fish

As well as sharing matching face stripes it appears they share mothers as well!

Anyone else really wanna see a Trigger Fish re-enact ‘Stand And Deliver’? I know I do!

Henry Rollins

Henry Rollins / The Stone Fish

Look at them grumpy faces.

You def wouldn’t mess with Rollins and that Stone Fish looks like it would kill your first born in a heart beat.

It’s like looking into the eyes of the apocalypse.

Tina TurnerTina Turner / Any Sea Anemone

Ok, so technically not a fish or amphibian but what a resemblance!

It’s ‘Simply The Best’ Sea Anemone I’ve ever seen!

Stevie WonderStevie Wonder / The Blind Cave Fish

Both have mastered their environments without sight. Stevie has mastered the piano and the Blind Cave Fish the deep, dark depths of the ocean. Both legends in their separate worlds.

Know any more? Let us know in the comments!

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