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Top 10 Katy Perry Music Videos

See what we think are the top 10 Katy Perry videos of all time HERE!

Last week Katy Perry unveiled her hilarious ‘Birthday music video and it got us thinking how the American singer always pulls out all the stops to create entertaining videos. So, we thought we’d take a look back through her past release and here’s what we reckon are her best top 10 music videos!


10. I Kissed A Girl

The video for Katy’s first number one hit song is obviously a fun one! It features a Moulin Rouge/Burlesque style theme party with pillow fights and let’s not forget the cameo from a pre-famous Kesha!


9. Hot N Cold

 This video taught us that you should never hesitate saying “I Do” to Katy Perry at the alter, not unless you want to be chased by a group of angry brides with baseball bats!


 8. Part Of Me

The perfect girl power break-up anthem, with the video seeing Katy dump her boyfriend and join the army! You go Katy, you don’t need no man!


 7. The One That Got Away

 Now while we love that Katy’s videos are always fun, this one was kind of quite the opposite, but we had to include it. The heart-breaking nostalgic video sees Katy play an elderly woman, looking back on a love story of what could have been.


 6. Firework

Although we have to admit that no, we have never felt like a plastic bag, you can’t deny that this video is great for the positive message it reinforces. Filmed in Budapest, the inspiring firework themed video encourages young people to overcome their fears and insecurities.


5. Teenage Dream

Road trip through America in the sunshine with a hot guy and then meeting all your friends for a party on the beach – what’s not to like?!


 4. Roar

Last summer’s girl power anthem! We thought the lyric video using whatsapp emoticons was great but this jungle themed video is pretty amazing too!


3. Birthday

In third place is Katy’s latest video release where she’s disguised as not just one character but five! We can’t decide which one we love more, but the fact no one at these birthday parties knew it was her, makes it even better!


 2. California Gurls

 A candy themed video that sees us transported to Candyfornia! So many sweet references including a cotton candy cloud and whipped cream gun bras! While we love Katy’s choreographed dancing and her endless wig changes, the ending with Snoop Dogg just chilling in the sand has to be the highlight!


1. Last Friday Night

 But our favourite Katy Perry video of all time has to be Last Friday Night! With guest appearances from Rebecca Black, Hanson and the cute geeky guy from Glee – could this video be any more perfect?! We wish all our Friday nights were like this!


 Well that’s our top 10 Katy Perry music videos. Do you agree?! Let us know your favourites in the comments!


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