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Top 10 Kanye West Looks

Kanye West has had his input with fashion one way or another, so we thought it only right to venture through the archives of Kanye’s looks to find you the top 10!

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Believe it or not, it was way back in 2003 when Kanye West first stepped onto the scene. As well as becoming one of the worlds greatest rapper Kanye has also been known for his keen sense of style.

We’ve had a look through the history of Kanye’s styles and picked out our favourites, and believe us, there were more than you’d expect!

10. The Big Wooley Coat

This seems to be a reoccurring look for Kanye and it’s one he pulls off well. We have also seen him in that all fur coat which caused quite a stir a few years back at fashion week, but with this look Kanye played it a little safer.

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