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It’s Time! The Girls Of Take Me Out VS The Boys Of HTF!

It’s time for our HTF boys to get judged by our panel of Take Me Out beauties! Let the hammer see the nail!

Hey everyone and welcome to another episode of HTF’s Take Me Out!

Last episode we had rockstar Renny from Series 4 giving us the Likey or No Likey on our HTF girls with lucky fashion editor Emma being whiskey off to paradise (or maybe not!).

Today, we have rounded up some of this seasons most awesome Take Me Out girls and given them the task of saying wether its Lights On or Lights Off for our selection of HTF hunks!  Being sneaky buggers we managed to get all the guys to submit their photos for this with no knowledge of what we were going to with them. Let’s hope they chose the right photos to impress our girls! *gulp*



Hello! My name is Lici, I’m 19 years young and I’m from Lincolnshire; the massive county next to Nottinghamshire…yes, near Robin Hood. The ideal man has to be a gentleman, with a great sense of humour and a gorgeous pair of eyes. As the suited and booted meerkat would say on the telebox, Simples!


Hi fellas! I’m Char also known as Lottie! I’m 24 and an air hostess. I live in Manchester but originally from Cornwall. I’m looking for a fun loving, mature, outgoing guy –  my ideal type is a rugby player, I like muscles! My husband to be is Gavin Henson….I wish!


Hi boys! My name is Kayleigh im 27 years old and an entertainments manager in Devon and im looking for a fun, unique guy to come share my caravan of love! Must love tattooed ladies that sometimes let off a sneaky blow off hahaha!!


Hi guys I’m Wendy an executive assistant at a large blue chip American software company , looking for a tall dark and hair free guy. Must have own teeth and energy to excess.

So there we have it, four beautiful ladies looking a man to sweep them off their feet. So let’s refresh ourselves of the rules. Each girl has a light in front of them. If they like what they see they keep their light, if they don’t they turn it off!


With this special edition of the show, the guys with their lights left on at the end will then be looked at again by our girls to decide who will be the lucky man to take all five girls to the everyones favourite make believe chicken island..


Hope your ready ladies because we have been rounding up all our Hit The Floor hunks and the lift can barely take the strain! Let the Ping see the Pong…


AaronAaron Willis (Pop Writer)

Wendy: Light On –  But of a guilty pleasure for me, he’s only just out of nappies!

Char: Light Off  – I like his shirt and his smile but I think he maybe to short for me?

Kayleigh: Light Off – I reckon he would take longer than me to get ready and I would feel bad for having a poo in his toilet as i reckon he is a clean freak x

Lici: Light Off – Not wearing enough colour for my liking unfortunately, nice smile though

AndrewAndrew Pepin (Photographer)

Wendy: Light On – It’s the glasses for me, sexy geek!

Lottie: Light On – Tall, handsome and looks like he’s going to come into the woods and rescue me from the big bad wolf

Kayleigh: Light On – Friggin yes what a man!!!! Fit fit fit fit fit fit fit….thats my reason!!!

Lici: Light On – Love his style and he looks like he’s ready for lights, camera, action!

AsherAsher Baker (Writer/SEO Dude)

Wendy: Light On – My god now we are talking! Great skin colour, glasses, designer stubble – looks like he may be tall – Yes! Yes! Yes! How old is he?

Kayleigh: Light On – I love happy feet!!!! He looks yummy! YES PLEASE!! Only if he wears that outfit though.

Wendy: I’ll take him without it!!

Lottie: Light Off –  Pingu used to scare me!

Lici: Light On – Penguins are fantastic and I used to do tap, so we could re-enact happy feet like Kayleigh said! Or just watch monty python (I see that boxset!)

BartBart Williams (Indie Writer)

Wendy: Light On – He looks like he could do with a laugh

Lottie: Light Off – I like a mans eyes and I can’t really see his under all that hair

Kayleigh: Light Off – Untidy room! Tut Tut! How can he look after me if he cant even look after his room?

Lici: Light On – Looks like an interesting chap, although I don’t know if we could both go out in heels (spotted his on the bed) haha

CallumCallum Thomson (Writer)

Wendy: Light Off – He has a better HD brow than me . Couldn’t keep up with that competition!

Lottie:  Light Off –  He has a HTC and I’m an iPhone kinda gal!

Kayleigh: Light On – He looks like a teddy bear and I like teddy bears! Also I think he looks like he would be good at cooking beans on toast xx

Lici: Light Off – That smeary mirror would get on my nerves as it’s a pet hate of mine. Nice shirt and colour coordination with outfit and room though.

CarlCarl Martin (Film Editor)

Lottie: Light On –  Love a man in a suit! Well dressed, well groomed and has a cheeky look.

Wendy: Light On – Fight you for him! Love suited and booted groomed men.

Kayleigh: Light Off – Looks too clean cut for me. I like a bit of ruff and ready. Nice suit though!

Lici: Light On –  Love a suit and those eyes are rather lovely too!

DarrenDarren Martin (Film Writer)

Wendy: Light On – he just simply looks great fun – please tell me he isn’t gay!!!!

Kayleigh: Lights Off – Looks lovely but yet again to young for me. Plus I think if I farted he would be disgusted hahhaha

Lottie: Light On –  Cheeky smile, looks like a rugby player! I’d tackle him any day!

Lici: Light On -I feel like there should be a thought bubble in this picture. Very JD from Scrubs? Nice smile!


Dave ‘Smiley’ Browne (Interviewer)

Wendy: Light Off – I prefer brunettes but I do like his designer stubble

Kayleigh: Light On – I’m intrigued by his face!! He looks confused yet wise and that is why I am keeping my light on! Also I can see him sitting on a throne in a castle haha.x

Lottie: Light On –  I’d puff on you anyday haha

Lici: Light Off – Loving the Sherlock Holmes look, but not too sure about the highlighted hair sorry!


George Powell (Photographer)

Lottie: Light Off – I feel I’m to old. He looks a bit young and his hair is shinier than mine.

Wendy: Light On –  He again is too young but then again they all are a bit young! This one looks tall though won’t have issues seeing over my chest.

Kayleigh: Light On – One, because I like his glasses, two, I like his hair and three because I wanna know why he is standing in the middle of a field! 

Lici: Light On – Loving the contemplative look into the distance. Is there something there, is it just for effect, oooooh!? Also, loving the festival bands, looks fun to hang out with.


James Matthews (Writer/Columnist)

Lottie: Light Off – Not into a mans long fringe. It get in the way of our smooches!

Wendy: Light On –  I think he looks very cute, good chin!

Kayleigh: Light On – Little fitty!! Wanaa see whats under that hat though…reckon there is something magic under there! 

Lici: Light Off – Can’t compete with that steely stare, very serious chap. Also, he looks like he drinks plants haha

Jamie Hampshire

Jamie Hampshire (Writer)

Lottie: Light Off –  He looks really intelligent and I thought Faro was in Egypt!

Wendy: Light Off – Love a geek but again looks to young for me.

Kayleigh: Light Off – Think I’d eat him up and spit him out! Looks like a sweet lad though.

Lici: Light Off – His arms are rather long and would remind me of Mr tickle and I’m extremely ticklish.


Joe Curran (Urban Writer)

Wendy: Light Off – I am not convinced he has two eyes.

Kayleigh: Light Off – He looks about the same age as one of my brothers. There is nothing wrong with that, just a bit to young for me.

Lottie: Light Off –  He looks like he’s an extreme festival goer may even live there!

Lici: Light Off – I’d probably still be having caterpillar races with other festival goers and feel like that might cramp your style, sorry.


Joe Strudwick (Photographer)

Wendy: Light On – Love a bit of designer stubble and smile!

Kayleigh: Light Off – He looks lovely but a bit posh! I think he would shout at me for not using the right fork haha

Lottie: Light On –  Oops I have a ladder in my tights…your stairway to heaven?

Lici: Light On – What gorgeous eyes and jaw line!


Josh Pratt (Urban Editor)

Wendy: Light On – Want to see more before I rule him out!

Kayleigh: Light On – I am taking a risk here as he may only have half a face, but saves on the moisturiser!!x

Lottie: Light On – Hola Mr Traveller! Can see us on top of that tower!

Lici: Light Off – I’m only little and don’t think a guy with a head as tall as the eiffel tower will really work haha.


Liam Trinh (Urban Writer)

Wendy: Light Off – Smart guy, just think he will take a while to get ready and I need the mirror too so may clash timings wise!

Kayleigh: Light On – Love his hair and looks very smart. Obviously looks after himself and I like that.x

Lottie: Light On – Man with a camera, top poser – It’d work!

Lici: Light On – Looks smart, stylish, arty and I like the bear in the background


Martin Mcdonnell (Indie Editor)

Lottie: Light Off – He looks like Justin Bieber. I like a rugby player so don’t think opposites would attract in this case.

Wendy: Light Off – He doesn’t even look legal

Kayleigh: Light Off – Looks like a right sweetie but I have shoes that are older than him xx

Lici: Light On – Musical guys are awesome!


Mikey Baird (Writer)

Lottie: Light Off –  He has longer hair than me and am not into facial piercings!

Wendy: Light Off – Sorry but I like a man I can see – too much hair and – oh dear smoking!!!!!!!!

Kayleigh: Light On – Bit rock ‘n’ roll, love it! Also we could rob a bank and hide the money in that beard….YES!!! Hair I meant, not beard!! Prob just coins in the beard haha.x

Lici: Light Off – Smoking is a no unfortunately, but seems like a right rock and roll dude, woooo!


Nial Fox (Urban Writer)

Wendy: Light On – Fun and geek! Mr chubby chops be careful, Kayleigh will be there squeezing those cheeks

Kayleigh: Light On – What a little cutie! Wanna give them cheeks a good old squeeze!!! Looks like a bit mischievous swell; like he would steal some Haribo!!

Wendy: Did warn you about her lol

Lottie: Light Off  – I don’t think real glasses plus I’d be tempted to steal them and team up with a naughty schoolgirl outfit

Lici: Light Off – I have the same(isn) glasses and so I think we’d get confused and then both be blinded if we swapped! (health and safety issues)


 Nick Watson (Electronic Writer / Technical Dude)

Lottie: Light On –  Basically looking at Ken! I would defo be his brunette barbie!

Wendy: Light Off – Prefer my men dark.

Kayleigh: Light On – He looks like a laugh and if I got fed up with him I can stick him in the garden as he looks like a good water feature!

Lici: Light On – Nice smile and designer stubble. Looks like a laugh and that he doesn’t take life too seriously either.


Sam Omar (Film Writer)

Lottie: Light Off – Is that a handlebar moustache I see? Didn’t John Wayne have one?

Wendy: Light On –  I love his eyes and skin tone. Put him in a suit and it’s all there!

Kayleigh: Light Off – Looks a bit pretty boy for me. Plus I don’t smoke so bit of a turn off for me…sorry!

Lici: Light Off – Not a fan of smoking, sorry!


Fran Jolley (Indie Writer)

Kayleigh: Light Off – Well looks very confident and in touch with his female side but i’ve got a sneaky feeling that I wouldnt be his type hahhaha.x

Lottie: Light Off  – Is that Mr Bean??

Wendy: Light On – He looks good for a laugh – just no pinching my underwear though eh

Lici: Light On – haha that’s brilliant, light on- kudos for the effort.


Nick Vaughan (Film Writer)

Wendy: Light Off – Jeez he scares me! Was he looking at my picture?

Lottie: Light Off  – He looks like me when I see a spider

Kayleigh: Light On I think the wind may have changed and now he is stuck with this look or maybe he has just realised santa isn’t real! I would like to join him in his madness.x

Lici: Light Off – He’s in a wardrobe/cupboard and I think is pretending to be Aslan! Couldn’t let Narnia suffer an eternal winter and take him away.

So the boys have had their comments and now it’s time to see how will be jetting off with the girls to the chicken island of…


 and the winner is…..

Mr Andrew Pepin (Official HTF Stud)

Congratulations mate you are off on a date with our Take Me Out beauties and have claimed the crown of HTF stud! Well sadly the rest of you will be home alone tonight. But don’t worry……I’M HAVING A TEA PARTYY!!!!

Until next time……


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