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Time Travel Music | Albums I Would Give My Younger Angsty Self

We wish we had some of the music we have now back when we were angsty, huge-fringed teenagers. But since our time machine isn’t working yet, we’ll just have to make a list about it.

Growing up is hard. I mean, that’s a given right? And as cliché as it sounds (it’s enough to make you throw up in your mouth a little, but let’s go with it anyway) music really helps the ageing process. To put it simply, listening to songs that you identify with make you feel better about life. And when you’re a teen you don’t really identify with many things, so it’s kind of a big deal.

And since here at MOSH we love music, and pretending that we’re still angsty teenagers, it got us thinking about all the music we used to listen to in our younger years. We wish we had some of the music we have now back then. And as soon as we perfect our phone booth time machine (shout-out to Bill and Ted for being awesome) we will bring our young selves the gift of epic new albums, but until then we’ll just make a list about it.

So here are a few of the albums I wish I had when I was younger. 

Common CourtesyA Day To Remember

Common Courtesy, like most ADTR albums, has it all. It’s filled with massive pop-punk tunes like ‘Right Back At It Again’ and ‘City of Ocala’, aggressive headbanging-inducing tracks like ‘Violence (Enough Is Enough)’ and even the beautiful and passionate ‘End Of Me’. CC would definitely be something we’d rock out to in our angsty high school years—you know, the time when everyone wants to leave their town and follow their dreams (see ‘I Remember’).

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