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Three Years Hath Past: What Have My Chemical Romance Been Up To?

What have the guys who once made up My Chemical Romance been up to in the three years since the split? Here’s our brief guide on what you need to know.


Source: Official Promo

It's been over three years since the end of My Chemical Romance (we're STILL not ok with this, long live the black parade and such), the band that changed a generation of rock fans young, old and in-between. So just what have the boys been up to since the break-up? To answer this questions, we bring you the quick guide to what's been going on since the fabulous killjoys called it a day, in three handy bullet points per member. Just the essential info you need to know. (*Disclaimer: This article may contain some fibs, blatant untruths and downright lies for entertainment purposes*) 

Source: Official Promo

Source: Official Promo

Mikey Way

  1. Formed new band Electric Century and released debut album For The Night To Control as a free gift with a popular UK Rock magazine.
  2. Was recently revealed to have been involved in contributions to the new Andy Black (aka, Andy Biersack of Black Veil Brides) solo album, due out in 2016.
  3. Way recently announced his departure from music to follow his lifelong dream of being a farmer, returning to music after half a day, upon realising he didn’t know how to actually farm stuff *
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