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Three Bands. Three reasons To Be Excited: Steel Panther, BFS And Buckcherry Announce UK Tour!

Steel Panther, Bowling For Soup and Buckcherry all on one show? Excited like we are? You should be. Look inside to find out why…

Steel Panther photographed at the O2 Academy in Birmingham, UK March 27, 2012. © Ashley Maile

Steel Panther photographed at the O2 Academy in Birmingham, UK
March 27, 2012.
© Ashley Maile

It seemed like the most unlikely yet perfect collaboration: Steel Panther, Bowling For Soup and Buckcherry all together in one glorious bite of heavy metal and pop-punk with a southern fried rock coating (similar to Colonel Sander’s secret coating, but actually consumable by MOSH’s vegan editors). All the outrageous, alcohol fueled fun and debauchery you could handle in one show! Lock up your daughters Britain; these guys are coming in October with a handful of arena dates, which we shall post at the end for you to take your pick from. 

We at the MOSH offices sat back and whittled down the hundreds of reasons why this tour excites us into three tasty morsels (apologies for all this use of food metaphors, we wrote this at lunch time). Agree? Disagree? Think that our choices should be punishable by the death that shall affect all but metal? Let us know in the comments. 

  1. Hearing ‘Death To All But Metal’ Live

OK, we’ll be the ones to admit it shall we? Half the reason that most of us know Steel Panther is due to the infamous ditty that is ‘Death To All But Metal‘, a no holds barred attack on the less rock ‘n’ roll members of today’s pop-star parade. It’s loud, raucous and obscene, but it stole the heart of every headbanger in the world upon it’s release. Altogether now, ‘FUCK THE GOO GOO DOLLS‘ and so on.

2. Bowling For Soup Back In The UK Twice In One Year

After their announcement that there would never again be a BFS show in the UK, the excitement among us fans of the Texas pop-punk quartet is reaching fever pitch with the knowledge that this will be the band’s second UK trip of 2016! Plus, with the brand new addition of the ‘musically enhanced trip to the pub’ being a main feature of the band’s recent ‘How About Another Round?‘ tour, it’ll be fun to see who brings the biggest and best alcohol fueled party antics. Need a refresher in Punk Rock 101? No problem.

3. An Excuse To Wear Spandex

In day to day life, there’s not nearly enough excuses to wear spandex. This an excuse to wear spandex. Not planning to wear spandex? Start planning to wear spandex.

Spandex is love. Spandex is life.

Source: Official Promo

Source: Official Promo


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