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This Week We Discovered Seaway And Fell In Love With Their SeaBoiz Video!

This week we discovered pop punk rockers Seaway, and boyband SeaBoiz, and we love them both!


Source: Bandcamp Promo Image

Canadian pop punk band Seaway has gained quite the solid fan base. Forming in 2011, the band has put out 4 EPs, and a full-length album Hoser. Not to mention the many tours that they have done with beloved pop punk bands like Neck Deep, Man Overboard, and Four Year Strong.

We have been familiar with Seaway ever since they released of their energetic EP All in My Head via Pure Noise Records, which we loved. However recently while on YouTube, a ‘SeaBoiz’ video featuring the Adidas tracksuit wearing, choreographed dance performing weirdos, came up, and we had to check it out (out of pure curiosity). Lucky for us, these 90s boyband wannabes turned out to be the cool pop punk band that gave us such jams as ‘Sabrina the Teenage Bitch’ and ‘Shy Guys’, so it was only right to excuse the fact that they were wearing Adidas tracksuits (even as a joke) and talk about how awesome they are.

Although it’s easy to see the influence of classic pop punk bands in Seaway’s music, they aren’t following the conventional pop punk route. They are playing around with different styles (RE: Hoser) and developing their own unique sound in the most hilarious way possible. The perfect blend of Ryan Locke, and Patrick Carleton’s vocals give Seaway that punk edge, without them losing the light, fun element that makes them so great to listen to.

And anyway, how can you not like a band that lists their influences as, “That scene in American Pie where Jim is running to Kevin’s house, and Mutt starts playing in the background.” Classic.

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