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The Very Best Of Illinois – We Share Some Of Our Favourite Bands From The Midwestern State

In another installment of our favourite bands from a specific region, we’ve decided to share 10 of the best bands to come out of Illinois! Find out who made our list here.

Knuckle Puck

Source: Rhian Westbury

It's no surprise that most bands feel the need to break the States in order to move forward in their careers. The US is such a massive country, there's literally so much ground to cover. That's also why it seems like so many of the individuals states have its very own list of great bands that have come out of there. We can only imagine how great it is growing up with such a thriving "local" scene, as is the case with some of these places. We say "local" because of how geographically huge the US is, what may seem like a "local" band to us outsiders could in fact be right on the other side of the state.

Instead of dwelling on some of the more popular regions, like say California, we've decided to tackle a less obvious choice: Illinois. You may be surprised how many of your favourites come out of the area, but here's just a few of ours from recent years; some more popular than others, and some who are obscure cult favourites. Good job Illinois for breeding some pretty darn good bands.

We started with a painfully obvious choice, now we’re ending the list with another painfully obvious favourite band. One of the reasons why Alkaline Trio has always stood out is because there never was quite another band that sounded like them. Sure, the band have undergone a change of sound in their many years as a band, but what band hasn’t? Alkaline Trio were great back then, and they’re still very much great now.

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