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The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys | Our Favourite MCR Covers

Though no one does My Chemical Romance like MCR, here are some of our favourite MCR covers. Check it out!


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Welcome to another instalment of our favourite band covers. PSA: Before everyone sends us hate mail, we’d like to remind you that we’re not implying that these covers compare to the originals (because they obviously do not), we just think they are pretty solid.

We were all pretty bummed when My Chemical Romance announced their split in 2013 (how has it been 3 years already?!) and obviously we all still sing-a-long to their tunes, and wonder what they are up to (and cry a little), so this week we decided to honour them by checking out cool covers of their awesome songs. 

1. Sofia Karlberg‘Welcome To The Black Parade’

This girl has such a stunning, melodious voice and although this sounds like a completely different track, it is still a beautiful cover. The song has turned into a soothing, acoustic song and almost sounds very mainstream dream-pop. Regardless, it’s still very calming.

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