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The One Hundred – Download Festival Ones To Watch 2015 Edition!

We start off the Download Festival 2015 by highlighting The One Hundred, our first Download Ones To Watch 2015 Edition!

The One Hundred

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Welcome back, it’s coming up to that time of the year again, we know, we’re a mixture of scared and excited as well. It’s April, and we’ve already started counting down to Download Festival 2015! It’s only 2 months to go until the biggest pure rock and metal festival in Britain, and there are some fantastic bands playing, with the likes of Muse, A Day To Remember, Five Finger Death Punch and Motley Crue, there are a tonne of bands that you more than likely already have penned into your busy weekend schedule. The question lies when you look at the smaller stages, with names you may not have heard of before. Here we are to highlight some of the so called “smaller”, but certainly newer bands that you can check out, and hopefully find your next favourite artists.

There is so much hype surrounding this band at the moment that we couldn’t ignore them at all. They may only have a single EP out in Subculture, but The One Hundred are on a one stop train to becoming one of the biggest bands in Britain. They are certainly one of the more interesting on offer at the moment. Blending electronic and crushingly heavy guitar tones, rap lyrics and powerful screams, you have a mixture of themes that you think should never in a million years fit together, but they do it seamlessly.

Coming from the ashes of their previous band, Collapse The Control, The One Hundred, like the proverbial phoenix, have risen and been all the much stronger for it. Like we’ve already mentioned, they’ve only released a single EP with Subculture, but they’re continuously striving to get new material written and ready for everyone. There is no stopping this band; they’re all over the place at the moment touring, more recently supporting Papa Roach with Coldrain.

The maturity, and the experience they’ve gained from these tours, and their previous life has helped mould them into an unstoppable machine live, with enough energy to power the continent of Africa for a month, they’ve all over the shop, meaning there isn’t a chance in hell that you’ll be able to purely stand around and take in the music. The tracks, the few they’ve released, are all fantastic. ‘Breed’, the first ever track they released and ‘Kingsmen’ are both prime examples on how fine tuned this band already is, and how fantastic their sound really can be. The One Hundred, not once, feel like a band just starting up, they’ve hit the ground running and won’t be stopping any time soon.

If you follow these guys now you’ll soon see one of the fastest growing British bands of 2015, and hopefully an album will be on the horizon to really show their full range, and talent. The One Hundred will be playing on the fourth stage on Friday 12th June 2015.

Release to own: Subculture
Tracks to listen to: ‘Breed’, ‘Kingsmen’ and ‘Downfall’

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