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The New Blink-182 Album Is Done And We’re In Two Minds About It. Here Are The Reasons Why!

Travis Barker confirms that the new blink-182 album is finished. Check out the reasons why we’re in two minds about it!

Blink 182

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Attention! Stop what you’re doing, because Travis Barker has confirmed that the new blink-182 album is finished!

This news brings about a lot of mixed feelings; some believe that this is a great thing, while others nod disapprovingly claiming it is just pure blasphemy. Here at Mosh, well, we don’t really know what to think, so here are some of the reasons why we’re excited, and some of the reasons why we want to hide under a rock and live in denial forever.


  1. We all know that Matt Skiba is a great musician (if you don’t know, go listen to Alkaline Trio) so we know that the quality of blink’s work will remain intact.
  2. A new album means touring, and we never not want to see blink!
  3. Mark and Travis seem to get along pretty well with Matt, which means we can avoid those annoying, lengthy blink squabbles. This also means that this could potentially be the final blink line-up.
  4. It will be a different kind of blink, a new era if you will. New and exciting.


  1. Without Tom DeLonge, it’s NOT blink-182. Without his unique, whiney vocals, it’s just not the same band.
  2. What if the new music sucks?! What if this “new era” is the worst blink era? What will we do? How will it affect the blink legacy? *Cries uncontrollably*
  3. The band might sound too different. So different that we don’t even have the classic blink elements in the music anymore.
  4. Matt Skiba is already a full-time member of Alkaline Trio, not to mention his 97383472 other side projects, how will he even have time to fully commit to the band. Blink-182 is not a band you have on the side!

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