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The Monkey Sex Scene And Other Things You Might Not Know About Busted’s ‘What I Go To School For’ Video!

What on earth is happening?!

With the news that Busted have just reformed the fans are now manically digging out their olds CD’s, trying to squeeze into that ragged Busted T-shirt and generally all have a good reminisce. It’s always good to look back on something you haven’t looked at for years with some fresh eyes isn’t it? Well, we thought so when going to watch back the ‘It’s What I Go To School For Video’ and realising we may have missed a few things first time round!

Here’s a few facts about the video and song you may not have ever noticed or known….until now!

Busted Lizard Sex

Who remembers the Lizard Sex scene?

What better way to start a music video than the sight of two lizards going at it?

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