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The Lostprophets Name Is Tainted And You’re An Idiot For Wanting To Create A Tribute!

What is going through some people’s minds when they think creating a Lostprophets tribute is a good idea? Read our thoughts on the matter.

Source: Promo Image

Source: Promo Image

Let’s put this rather bluntly, Lostprophets as a name is garbage. There is not a single moment when you’re going to hear that name and not immediately think about the horrific things that so-called human being Ian Watkins did. So why in the ever living fuck would you want to create a tribute band for them? That is exactly what one band wants to do at least, as a gumtree posting shows. There is a band in central London looking for someone to be their Watkins, I feel dirty even saying that.

Take away for the moment that the band will always be one of the most iconic teenage bands of the turn of the millennium. Myself, and many others had the likes of Start Something playing constantly for a good number of years, but I really can’t bring myself to listen to them any more. There is something inherently wrong for wanting someone to essentially pretend to be a paedophile for the sake of entertainment. That man should be left to rot in a cell for the rest of his days and forgotten, instead of remembered and still, in a way, idolised.

The forgotten victims of this whole saga are the rest of the band. As individuals they had no dealings with what was going on and have had their whole lives turned upside down. They could have attempted to carry on, replace Watkins and keep playing, but they were smart enough to realise that they would never be the band they once were, and will always be tainted for the actions of one despicable person.

There’s a good number of other bands you could have chosen. Recently, Kids in Glass Houses split and The Blackout are doing a farewell tour, if you wanted to create some Welsh centric options, but honestly, there is a whole host of bands that you could have chosen to tribute, and you chose this one. You may have liked them in the past, but that is not a reason to try to keep this name going. Let it slip into obscurity, and Jesus, don’t bring a poor unsuspecting guy in to masquerade as one of the most evil musicians we’ve ever seen.

There’s not really much to add to this whole thing. Think of this as a letting off some much-needed steam towards a bunch of idiots who didn’t have the forward thinking to look at a quite obviously horrible decision.

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