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The Importance Of Film Soundtracks

What is the importance of film soundtracks?

What’s up, gang!

This week I shall be briefly discussing a subject that is a fond passion of mine, and that is the subject of film soundtracks. More importantly, the benefit that it has of launching an artist’s career. But instead of going in depth this time, I would like to hear you guys thoughts on the matter rather than myself going on for ages.

Now first of all… let me get this cleared up right now. There are two types of film soundtracks… there is the ‘score’, which is specifically written to the scenes of a film’s contents. In other words, you know the cool shit that you get in Star Wars movies, where there is the epic classical compositions that tell a story? Yeah, that is the score.

Then the other type of soundtrack is quite simply the ‘OST’, or original film soundtrack. This can be filled up by music artists who have either made a contribution to the film, or have had their song selected by the director / composer.

Some of the first films to ever include a soundtrack were Don Juan (1926), and The Jazz Singer (1927). But of course… this was a long time ago. If we fast forward to today, there are so many franchises, exclusive one off films, etc, that have had some extremely killer soundtracks. For example, let me show you my five favourite film soundtracks in no particular order…

1. THE CROW OST (1994)

2. SPACE JAM OST (1996)




Now as you can see by clicking on the individual links, these are soundtracks made up mainly by bands and also bands covering over bands (i.e. Nine Inch Nails covering Joy Division‘s ‘Dead Souls’ on The Crow OST).

But more importantly, let us take a brief glimpse at what artists it has truly catapulted to a greater extent.

Look at the one and only Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg. Now whilst Dr Dre previously found notoriety in N.W.A., he had yet to release ‘The Chronic’. An opportunity arose to which Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg wrote the title song for the film Deep Cover in 1992. This was really the lighting of the fuse that ignited their careers in to megastardom, especially with Snoop Dogg (this being his first ever official appearance).

On the power of this, a bigger social consensus grew for both artists, and within the next couple years they had released some of the most influential and million selling debut albums not just in hip-hop, but of all time.

So instead of going in to a deep analysis on film soundtracks and history, I would like to hear from you guys and keep this an open matter.

For any film geeks out there like myself, what do you think the importance is for film soundtracks? Is it something that can be a necessary tool to help boost an artist’s repertoire? Or is it something that is just based upon purely by chance?

More importantly, how relevant are film soundtracks today as compared to what they were like 30 years ago?

Please do not leave me in the lurch on this one, I would greatfully love to hear your thoughts on this matter!

What are your favourite soundtracks, and why? Write below in the comments section!

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