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The HTF Podcast Episode 03 : Remembering David Bowie – A Retrospective Discussion On The Thin White Duke

R.I.P Bowie!


Ground control to Major Tom?! Good day fellow listeners, and welcome to another new podcast transmission from Team HTF!

Unfortunately this week has been marred by the passing of the legendary David Bowie – arguably the most respected, creative, and innovative musician, artist, and cultural icon that has ever existed. A major influence on not just the music industry, but also in the realms of film, fashion, art, poetry, and culture.

This week we have HTF head honcho Chris Hines, Senior Music Editor (and future HTF Podcast Host) James Paul Matthews, and our esteemed indie music loving Senior Music Editor Martin-John McDonnell, who will be discussing the legacy of David Bowie, his impact on society as well as the music industry, and giving our reaction to what has happened – as this was recorded only but 24 hours after the sad news.

Please note that our Indie hero Mr McDonnell’s microphone faced some technical difficulties throughout this podcast, so feel free to admire his positive facial expressions at best of times! Maybe even make up your own commentary to give his input on the podcast a comedic edge? We shall leave that up to you!

What are your initial reactions on The Thin White Duke’s passing? What impact did he have on you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

R.I.P. David Bowie <3

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Audio Only Version

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