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The Craziest Things We’ve Seen At Gigs – From Broken Bones To Security Fights

Shows can get a bit mental and dare we say it crazy?! Here are some of the craziest things we’ve seen at gigs.

A Day To Remember

Source: YouTube

It goes without saying that metal/rock gigs have a tendency to get slightly crazy sometimes, be it reckless stage diving, brawls between fans and security or crazy stunts from the band members themselves, there's always something going on. Some pretty memorable things have happened at shows and festivals in the past few years, from hilarious stunts to straight up dangerous ones, so keep reading to discover five of the craziest things we have seen at gigs. 

Jeremy McKinnon, frontman of A Day To Remember climbed into a giant human sized hamster ball at Reading Festival 2014 and ran over the crowd. This isn’t the first time the band have tried something like this at a gig, they definitely know how to make their live shows memorable.

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