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The Beginners Guide To Doom – Twelve Essential Tracks To Start You On The Road To Darkness

Doom is one of the biggest scenes in metal right now – we put together this handy beginners guide so you can fake your crusty credentials.


Doom metal is very much on the rise right now. Over the last decade or so, it’s dragged its way to the top of the metal sub genre pile and planted its flag, daring others to topple it’s slow, stately ascendance. Doom was arguably the first sub-genre in metal, back when bands like the iconic Black Sabbath and their ilk took the mood of the blues and amped it way, way up; with literal amps, increased song lengths and lyrics focusing on the occult, satanism and witchcraft.

Doom persisted, although its prominence waned throughout the 80’s, before a creeping return in the 90’s with bands like Electric Wizard breathing new, weed-tinged life into the scene. Things steadily gained new momentum throughout the early 2000’s and into the 2010’s, with a new wave of international and home grown acts throwing down ever groovier riffs, ever bigger sounds and ever darker themes. Now acts like Pallbearer and Windhand punch into the realms of mainstream metal with their infinitely listenable take on Doom, while bands like Undersmile, Conan and Church of Misery tear things up in the throbbing, gristly depths of the underground.

Our playlist is definitely not exhaustive, and nor is the history above. There are a slew of amazing bands out there we haven’t even touched on, like Saint Vitus, Orange GoblinAcid King and Slomatics to name a few. But our list aims to give a taste of the depths of doom, from the funereal pomp of My Dying Bride and the psychedlic throb of Ufomammut to the laid back wanderings of Earth, we’re hoping to prove that despite the lengthy songs and hypnotic repetitions, Doom has something for everyone.

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