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Thank You Desiigner For Saving The Pandas!

WWF announced that the Giant Panda is not an endangered species, and Twitter decided to thank Desiigner.

Source: Screenshot

Source: Screenshot

Incredible news that Desiigner’s number one hit ‘Panda‘ has saved the endangered species, the Giant Panda.

News of the accomplishment came after WWF announced The Giant Panda moved from an endangered species to a vulnerable species, and not the wrestling federation for all you 90s babies reading. After years of being hunted for their fur, losing habitat to building developments and animal agriculture – so room for innocent cows to get casually slaughtered to make you a burger – the adorable species will continue to make us laugh in more videos for generations to come.

Following the announcement, the people of Twitter – the wisest of our generation – crowned the champion who made this possible, Desiigner. Who would have thought that the rapper from Brooklyn, New York could save a whole species of animal from just one hit record? To many people, the song comparing a Panda’s face to the front of a BMW White X6 is the reason for 17% rise in the last decade as of 2014; not the millions of dollars, and the outstanding time and effort the charity put into saving this species.

Thank you, Desiigner, for all your hard work, and WWF, stop trying to ride the wave you culture vulture. Let’s celebrate with this Chinese edition of Desiigner’sPanda‘, which features real Giant Pandas.

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