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The Sweetest Moments From Maroon 5’s ‘Sugar’ Video

Here’s what we think are the sweetest moments from the new Maroon 5 music video ‘Sugar’!

Maroon 5 have unveiled the music video for their last single ‘Sugar‘ taken from their fifth studio album ‘V‘.

This catchy and sweetness infused pop track has a super sweet video to match, so sweet in fact that we’ve put together our favourite moments!

Source: Screenshot

Adam Levine and co all suited and booted driving around LA in a Lincoln. We’d say the video’s off to a pretty sweet start…

Source: Screenshot

The band crash weddings in LA and the reactions are priceless. The whole concept of the video just oozes sweetness!

Source: Screenshot

And it’s not just the bride’s that seem to be shocked, this chef’s reaction has to be the best! #fangirl

Source: Screenshot

While driving around LA and performing at weddings, James Valentine even manages to find time to take a selfie with a group of girls. Cute!

Source: Screenshot Source: Screenshot

Adam Levine proves to be the cherry on top! Those raised eyebrow moves and hand beckoning gestures are so sweet they will make your heart melt. How many women are expecting Levine to turn up at their wedding’s now?!

So there we have it, could it get any sweeter? Let us know your favourite moment from the Maroon 5 video below!

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