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Sum 41 Talk Kerrang Tour, Sweet Relief Musicians Fund & Billie Talent Cheese Comparisons | Interview

With Sum 41 set to hit the road with this years Kerrang Tour, we at MOSH took the band aside for a few minutes to ask some important questions. Find out what happened here.

Source: Official Facebook

Source: Official Facebook

Let’s be honest, when Sum 41 were announced to be the headliners for this years Kerrang Tour, every self-respecting rock lover between the ages of 18 and 30 shit theirselves with excitement. We at MOSH were no exception, so decided to have a natter with the band in order to ask some important questions we NEEDED answers for! We had a chat with bassist Cone and this is what happened:

Mosh: So, first things first: The Kerrang tour is obviously the big news of the moment. Are you excited to head out on the road with it?
Cone: Yeah, of course! This will be our first time back on a real tour in a few years and this will also be our first time back in the UK in many years. Too many years! I feel like the band is sounding great and we’re totally excited to get going.

Mosh: As well as the new tour and more dates being announced for other shows, there’s also talk of a new album. Will it be more of what we’ve come to expect of Sum-41 or is this a whole new chapter with a whole new sound?
C: The new album will be out this year and it sounds like us but there’s also a few things on it that I think we’ve never done before, certain sounds, certain vibes that no one has heard from us before. Its not a departure really from what we’ve been doing on Screaming Bloody Murder or Chuck or Does This Look Infected?, but there is certain things we’ve never done that are on the new one. Sounds, ect. I would say its lots of tasty riffs, lots of tasty catchy melodies, fast, aggressive and entertaining.
Mosh: Can we expect anything special in the way of shows, be it with production or special guest appearances?
C: Lots of old songs, I guess the fans would call them the ‘classics’. No guest appearances planned but guest appearances on tours are never really planned so you never know. We are a five piece now, with Dave back, so its lots guitar and its sounds pretty big!
Mosh: You guys seem to be big supporters of the charity, Sweet Relief Musicians Fund. Would you like to tell us some more about what the charity is all about and why it’s so close to you?
C: Its a great thing thats helps musicians in need. I live in Canada where bands can apply for government grants to record albums and film videos and stuff, but there is nothing like that in a lot of other countries. This charity helps out bands and musicians who need funding or get their gear stolen or whatever. Its pretty cool this exists. We gave them some stuff to auction off for the charity. Hopefully it helps.
Mosh: You guys have been together a pretty long time, do any of you have any annoying tour habits?
C: No we’re all saints.
Mosh: Are there any pre-show rituals or unique rider requests too? Tenacious D once claimed that their rider was made up only of foods that King Henry VIII could of eaten.
C: We recorded a Christmas song with Tenacious D in 2001 and told them about the King Henry VII Diet… I guess they one upped us with King Henry VIII’s Diet. They’re always one-upping.
Mosh: An important question we need to ask is to what your favourite type of cheese is? Jonathan from Billy Talent said his would have to be a good, sharp cheddar. Would you agree or is there differing cheese tastes afoot?
C: Jon is pretty ripped and so if he’s eating sharp cheddar then I would agree thats a great thing to eat, although I am lactose intolerant and no-one really wants to be around me if I’m eating any kind of cheddar, BUT  If I did it would be plain mozzarella which is probably why he looks like he does and I look like I do. I guess there’s something in the cheese!
Mosh: Finally, are you guys still waiting for the world to stop hating or are we all in too deep now? Are we all just casualties to society? Victims of conformity perhaps?
C: Nah I would say We’re All To Blame.

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