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Spring Clean Your Closet

It’s that time of year, to throw out those old rags you’ll never wear again and bring in the newest and hottest trends to your wardrobe. Prepare yourselves ladies to spring clean your wardrobe!

Source: Motel Rocks

Source: Motel Rocks

Ok so spring time is here, we are officially in April and Easter is around the corner. So yes maybe it is about eating heap loads of chocolate, but one other thing is that wardrobe of yours…time for a spring cleaning session! If you can say you closet is clear of clutter with no items in there that you never wear, then are you sure you’re not lying.

We can all admit we’ve done it before, gone on a shopping spree bought a bunch of stuff and it’s never seen the light of day. Come on, admit it, it’s ok we’re all friends here. Well if this is the case then there’s no better time than now to get your spring cleaning on! It’s time to dig up those old rags and replace them with beautiful spring time wardrobe staples.

So first of all to start of the spring clean, you need to clear the cupboard out and make some space. There are plenty of things to do with the clothes that you want to get rid of, firstly charity shops! Do a good deed and take your bags of clothes to the charities you support, they will happily take in what you don’t want.

Secondly eBay is a great way to get rid of those clothes you’ll never wear and make a little money on the side. Another idea, are cash-for-clothes places. See if there is one near you online where you can take your bags of clothes to these companies who will pay you around 40p per kilo of clean re-useable clothes.

Once you’ve taken out the unnecessary clutter and that strange dress you never knew you had…you can fill the space with a few pieces you KNOW you will need this spring. Just like that plain black vest, these pieces are definitely on trend and things that every girl needs.

This season we’re going to see plenty of bold statement pieces, tribal patterns and damn load of pink! So lets fix up you’re wardrobe to prepare you for whatever fashion has to throw at you. Here are 6 staple pieces that you will undoubtedly need.

Screenshot 2014-04-02 14.48.20

Stripes make their return every spring/summer. So a black a white striped long sleeve tee is the perfect item to have in the wardrobe. The stripes give you that romantic, European look when paired with a flared skater skirt, the ultimate cute spring look. Of course that’s not the only thing to wear it with and that’s the magic of staple items, a striped tee goes with pretty much everything, boyfriend jeans, skater skirt, cut offs, what ever takes your fancy.

Screenshot 2014-04-02 14.48.35It’s spring so pastel is everywhere and comes back year after year, so anything pastel or even plain works a charm. White on white is also very much on trend this season and after the winter with all the dark reds, purples, and greens, it’s a good idea to have some lighter colours so we’d suggest pastel/white sheer shirt. It’s a great key item to keep in your wardrobe because it can be worn pretty much anywhere. With a sheer shirt, there’s no worries of being over or under dress, it’s that happy medium that we all need.

Screenshot 2014-04-02 14.48.48

Although the days are longer and brighter it’s not quite summer yet, we’re still in that deceiving weather stage, so a demin jacket is a must for your spring wardrobe. With all the patterning and typography that’s about on all these statement pieces a clean slate jacket fits the bill when finishing off an outfit.

As mentioned before there are plenty of patterns this spring, as well as pleats. So make sure a floral pleated, or lacey dress is on your list for fixing up your wardrobe. There will most definitely come a day where a floral dress is what’s on the agenda for that day’s outfit! So girly up and fetch that dress.

source: polyvore

Continuing with the patterns, a pair or patterned or graphic trousers are a must for spring 2014. Skinny jeans are perfect all year round, but with a pair of printed loose trousers you can prepare for the compliments and look the part.

source: polyvore

Finally, your feet are just as important as anything else and good footwear finishes off any outfit brilliantly. What’s really on trend for this spring are flat sandals, comfy and fashionable…it’s a dream!

So there you go, you’re ready for this seasons hot trends. Now get out there looking the part every day, and prepared for whatever is to come, but to quote Vogue: “If in doubt, make it pink, smother it with flowers and wear it with flat sandals”

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