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Shrine: Your New Favourite band!

With tidal wave choruses and breakdowns that would register on a Richter Scale, Shrine have announced themselves as math rock’s biggest and brightest new stars. Find out why they’re set to become your new favourite band right here!

Credit: Facebook

It’s been one hell of a month and a half for Brighton-based Shrine: their first single ‘Say You Will‘ was championed by Radio 1’s Daniel P Carter and Zane Lowe, before their debut festival performance at Sonisphere which saw them open the Jagermeister stage on Friday. All this is made even more impressive when you realise that they’ve only released a single last year and 3-track EP so far.

Kursk‘ gave the world it’s first view of Shrine, a standalone single released back in 2013 and one that saw the band as a much heavier incarnation of the band they are now. Nevertheless the signals were there to tell anybody who listened that they were really taking this seriously. Their EP ‘Closer To The Sun‘ was released on 7th April of this year on a ‘name your price’ scheme on their Bandcamp page; 3 tracks of raw, empassioned, math rock that just blows everything else out the water. ‘Saviour‘ is a five-and-a-half minute tornado of swirling, undulating verses and surly, unrelenting breakdowns, culminating in a breathtakingly unhinged guitar solo that allows guitarist Joe Gosney to flex his incredibly talented musical muscles. Bassist Andrew Gosden takes the lead on ‘Say You Will‘, driving the track toward a crescendo of epic proportions. Meanwhile Will Gardner‘s vocals are absolutely spot on for both the clean and screamed sections and Liam Kearly‘s ferocious drumming rounds out a stunning show of strength and capability. The title track closes the EP with something slightly different. The hooks and fillers are still quintessential math rock, but the verses sound like what might happen if Muse‘s Matt Bellamy covered ‘OK Computer’-era Radiohead – and none of that is a bad thing in the slightest as it allows the four-piece to show that they can tone things down when they need to.

In short, Shrine are without a doubt the next big name in a genre that has only really been represented by Arcane Roots as of late. With an upcoming show at London’s Electrowerkz, there is a real sense that this could be one of the last times to catch them in a small venue because if they keep up this quality and intensity, ideas of stadiums and festival headline slots are really not that farfetched.

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