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If Shit Hits The Fan Even Pop Stars Need A Back-Up Plan – Alternative Pop Star Jobs!

We suggest some alternative jobs for five of the biggest pop star’s of the moment!

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Like all things in life, it’s always good to have a back up plan, and for pop stars this is no different. While they may be in it for the long run, unfortunately  fame can easily fade, especially these days with the constant emergence of new artists and crazy fandoms, meaning some musicians can soon become forgotten. So it’s no surprise to see pop stars turning to acting (Justin Timberlake, J.Lo) or judging TV shows (Cheryl Cole, Will.I.Am, Adam Levine) or even writing books (Madonna).

Recently, One Direction‘s Niall Horan got all excited about being Rory McIlroy‘s golf caddie for the day, and it got us thinking how this could be a job for him to fall back on, if he wasn’t already part of one of the world’s biggest bands! Or if he ever decided to take a leaf out of Zayn’s book and quit the band to escape fame.

So taking into consideration recent events in their life, we’ve suggested alternative back-up jobs for five other big pop stars at the moment, should their singing careers no longer go to plan.

Taylor Swift

Although we don’t want to imagine a world without Taylor Swift music, it’s no secret that she’s a bit of a cat lady. She’s constantly flooding her Instagram with cute images of her cats Meredith and Olivia, so it make sense that Swiftie would be working in a cattery! Although following her recent cat scratching incident, Taylor may want to raise the insurance policy on her legs ($40million!), just incase they all want to use her leg as a scratching post and she can’t shake them off in time!


Ed Sheeran

We all know this singer is a fan of Nando’s having even created the Nando’s Skank with Example. He’s clued up on peri-peri sauce, so would have no problem working at this chicken chain restaurant. But if that doesn’t work out, seeing as he got so excited when he was given Jon Snow’s sword from Game of Thrones recently, we’re sure the hit TV show could find a role for Sheeran!


Sam Smith

We’ve been so impressed by Sam’s dramatic weight loss that he would make the perfect fitness coach! We can picture it now, early morning runs, yoga sessions and weight lifting using all those Grammys he’s been collecting! Plus, if he could sing to us while we work out, we’re sure that would motivate us even more! But seriously Sam, how have you lost weight so quickly, I know I’m Not The Only One who wants to know this, so please let us know your secret!


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Miley Cyrus

Miley’s already proved to have a very versatile career and she’s only 22! She showed off her acting skills with Hannah Montana, has had a successful albeit controversial singing career, and even tried her hand at writing, having released her autobiography, Miles To Go. Yet there are still so many more career options for her! She’s proved she knows her way around a hammer and a Wrecking Ball, so Miley would definitely be an asset to any hardware store…or any 50 Shades of Grey movie. But if she wants to keep things more low key, we’re sure she could always help out with selling foam fingers at sport matches!


Image source: Official Facebook page

Image source: Official Facebook page

Justin Bieber

Two words – Ellen DeGeneres. The singer has been constantly told he has a striking resemblance to the comedian and in December last year, he reportedly got rejected by a potential love interest because he looked too similar to the American talk-show host. Ouch! But don’t worry, it’s not all bad news Biebs, think how easy a job it would be for you to be Ellen’s full time lookalike! Minimal effort required from you, and you’ll be able to get away with all your bad behaviour (pissing in buckets, fighting paparazzi, reckless driving), as they’ll just think it’s Ellen!

What other jobs could you see these singers doing? Let us know in the comments!

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