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Rock Rant: Is Classic Rock Out Of Touch With Modern Music?

Rock Rant brings you the debate of whether classic rock is out of touch with modern day music. Should bands like Metallica and AC/DC just give up?! Check out our thoughts and let us know yours!

Rock-Rant-ClassicYou can’t go to a festival and not come into contact with some sort of classic band. Be it Metallica headlining what seems like every festival under the sun or Iron Maiden bringing back themselves to touring the country this summer. But are these bands really relevant these days?! Should they just give up?! Or should they carry on touring until they can no longer walk (or sing!)?!

At HTF we thought we would look into whether classic rock is out of touch with modern day music. Check out what some of our writers thought below.

LouisaLouisa Smith (Rock Writer)

The fact that this question is being asked shows how out of touch modern day music listeners actually are. Of course classic rock isn’t out of touch. A lot of classic bands have bought out some fantastic music this year and these bands are showing they can still write music. You wouldn’t tell a doctor he can’t practice because he’s too old. So why would you say a band can’t write music because they’re too old? Only stop writing when you can’t write. And until then, classic rock is still popular so no it is not out of touch.


MattieMattie Borucki (Rock Writer)

Of course not. Bands like Metallica and Maiden are still rocking out stadiums all over the world because people still love them. Lesser bands idolise them, and many even imitate them to try and succeed. As long as their performances are worthy of headlining festivals, they deserve to be there, regardless of what is currently ‘popular’. I grew up on a diet of ‘Tallica, and so will other kids for many, many years to come.


RhianRhian Westbury (Rock Editor)

I may be one of the only people out there who really couldn’t give a monkeys about classic bands. Going to festivals over the years I’ve been subjected to multiple Metallica sets, Iron Maiden, AC/DC and many more I don’t care much to remember. And although there’s no denying the bands have their mass of fans I really don’t feel in touch with them as artists. All these bands have classic, even iconic songs most of which are a few decades old and have since not released anything worth shouting about. Remember how amazing Guns N’ Roses ‘Chinese Democracy’ was eh?!? Point proven. A lot of these bands, although on stage may be fantastic, they’re running on the fuel of their hay day.

These bands may still have enough to headline festivals and sell out arenas but I don’t personally feel any inclination to watch them. In the most part they aren’t my childhood or what I grew up listening to. Throw me an early Blink 182 album or ‘Dookie’ by Green Day or even My Chemical Romance’s first offering then you’ve got me. These are the bands that were around when I was growing up and when most bands starting up now were growing up.

Sometimes I just watch a classic rock set and think there’s got to come a time when the band have to call it a day!

JamesJames Paul Matthews (Rock Writer/ Columnist)

I feel that classic rock / metal, etc, will never be irrelevant. In fact, I feel that more bands these days should take a leaf from the elders books, cover their history and strategies, and actually respect, appreciate and obide by what their peers have laid out for them in terms of a reputable and profitable music career.

 Let us know your thoughts right HERE!

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