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Rob Lynch Dishes The Dirt On His Upcoming Album | Interview

We caught up with Rob Lynch at Warped Tour UK and got the lowdown on his live set up and upcoming second album

Rob Lynch

Source: Graham Berry

Rob Lynch is an up and coming British singer songwriter with one album and plenty of EPs under his belt. He’s played Warped Tour US and this year saw him appear at the UK festival too. We were lucky enough to catch up with Rob at the beginning of the day to find out how things were comparing and getting the low down on his upcoming second studio album.

MOSH: What is the atmosphere like at Warped UK?
Rob Lynch: It’s cool, I’ve been here a couple of hours now and there’s anticipation in the air all the stages are getting set up and everyones setting up merch, people are arriving It’s cool, I played on the US warped last year for the whole summer so its interesting to see what the vibe for it is like over here compared to there. Its not quite as hot and sweaty over here as it was there and its indoors.

MOSH: As a solo artist whats it like in an environment full of bands?
Rob: I’m actually playing full band today so it’s not… I have got a five-piece so it won’t feel as much of a sticking out on my own trying to make myself heard, I’ve got some electric guitars and drums. Hopefully it’ll fit in more seamlessly than being one guy trying to shout above everyone else.

MOSH: You’re recording your second studio album. Tell us a bit about what we can expect.
Rob: It’s our last day in the studio tomorrow. Its really exciting. Its there now, its been a long month of long working days. We’ve been recording it as a full band, so with the first album it was an acoustic album with bits and bobs on top of it, whereas this time it’s a full band record. Its rockier, it’s not quite in that folkier end of things like the last record was, its more pop rock. We’re trying to find our own path rather than trying to fit in with what other acoustic artists sound like.

MOSH: How to you think that will contrast on tour then, compared to past shows?
Rob: I consciously wrote all the songs on their own, on an acoustic guitar first to make sure that they would work playing as a solo artist, so when I’m not doing full band tours I can strip it back on the songs still make sense. I’m also going to start touring more as a full band so there is that nice juxtaposition between the two.

MOSH: Is there any chance of you taking on a new moniker and involving the full band?
Rob: Maybe we’re thinking about it. It’s still gonna be Rob Lynch and on records its gonna be Rob Lynch but with a live band it might be ‘and the something’. But we’re still toying with ideas.

MOSH: From your point of view, what do you prefer when playing live?
Rob: It just depends on the show. For bigger shows like festivals I really like playing as a full band, but if its like a 100 capacity small room its quite nice to have the intimacy of just the voice and the acoustic. It just depends on the mood.

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