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The Rise Of The Serums

For the past few years, serums have somewhat taken the beauty world by storm. Here’s our tips for picking the right one.

Source: The Body Shop

Source: The Body Shop

For the past few years, serums have somewhat taken the beauty world by storm with every big and small brand creating their own miracle working serum. Of course, what works for one, does not always work for the other, so when selecting which one to purchase, luxury or drugstore, you need to be very careful. As an avid serum user, let me share a few tips on what how to select the best one for your skin type.

Know your skin

Sometimes you may think you know your skin type, but most of the time, it is not what you think it is. So to ensure you get the best out of a serum, we would suggest consulting a therapist who can do an intense examination on your skin and give you the best advice.

What do you want from the serum?

Next, decide what you want from the serum. For example, you’ve have dehydrated skin due to the cold weather and you’ve got a lot on at work, so your skin is also stressed. You will then need a serum that fights dullness, brightens and hydrates. With this information, it is a lot easier to choose which one you need.

Do you research

Okay, so you know what skin type you are and you know what you want from the serum. Next thing to do is, research. Look up certain brands that tickle your fancy online, read some reviews or even ask a friend that may know about serums.

Request samples

There are so many on the market now, you’ll be spoilt for choice. So with your research in hand, head over to the counters and speak to an advisor. Then, request a couple of samples or if you’re in a drugstore, see if they have mini versions for you to try.

Follow the directions

Lastly, please make sure you follow the directions on the tin. If you don’t, you will not see the maximum effects. After all of this, you should, well we hope, you would of found your perfect serum. When used correctly, serums can make a massive difference to your skin.

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