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RiFF RAFF Insults Sam Smith On Twitter! Here’s Another 5 Twitter Beefs

Find out why RiFF RAFF took shots at Sam Smith and take a look at our five most notorious Twitter beefs here.

Source: Promo

Source: Promo

Twitter beefs are an odd phenomenon whereby celebrities take 140 character long shots at each other, some are attention seeking, some are funny and some are just weird. It was one of the latter when yesterday Texas rapper RiFF RAFF started a random feud with Sam Smith after the singer cropped him out of a Instagram picture with Katy Perry and Charli XCX from this years MTV VMA awards. Although we can’t blame Sam for cropping the self titled ‘Neon Icon’ rapper out of the picture, no one could have predicated RiFF RAFF’s ridiculous response below.

As of yet, Sam has is yet to respond to RiFF RAFF’s comments and properly never will. Here are five other Twitter beefs ranging from the serious to the ludicrous.


Marlon Wayans VS Lord Jamar

Earlier this year in March saw actor/comedian Marlon Wayans take shots at Lord Jamar after the outspoken Brand Nubian rapper had an issue with a picture that was posted of Twitter of actor Omar Epps who appeared in a skirt on the show ‘The View’.

  Marlon who was childhood friends with Omar, responded:

The argument would then continue for hours as Lord Jamar discussed the topic of the ongoing feminisation of Hip hop whilst Marlon told Lord Jamar to “grow up”. This was defiantly an odd, petty Twitter beef but derived from a serious issue affecting mainstream Hip hop right now.    

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