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Radkey, Man Overboard & More Face The Jury! We Pick 5 Random Tracks From Our Emails And Tell You If They Are A Hit Or Just Shit!

This weeks Face the Jury features tracks from Man Overboard, Rakey, Gloo and more. Find out what our team thought of these tracks.

Face The Jury Mosh

Welcome to week three of Mosh’s Face The Jury where we pick a randoms selection of five tracks from the assortment of emails which we are sent. These tracks make their way to a random selection of staff where they let us know their thoughts. Will they be pretty amazing or just damn right awful? Let’s take a listen to this weeks selection. It’s time to face the jury!

Vukovi – Boy George

Sam Lawrie: Could Vukovi be a new, heavier, dirtier The Donnas? It has that ‘grunge girl’ sound to it that I love, but I feel like it could do with being a little neater – but not TOO neat, or we’d lose the grit that gives this song its edge. 3.5/5

Michael Baird: It’s not too bad. What I thought was going to be just another metal track turned into something altogether different with the dynamic of the vocal. Sure it doesn’t really go anywhere. it’s missing a hook but it was better than I thought it was going to be. I bet they aren’t the most exciting live band in the world though. 2/5

Jamie Hampshire: This is pretty righteous! Nice, driving tempo, decent drumwork, a stomping groove and some reverby, 80’s style female vocals. More like this please!  3/5

Brooke Mustafa: What would you get if you crossed a female-fronted 90s punk band like Letters to Cleo, with modern post-hardcore? ‘Boy George’ by Vukovi. The song is definitely different, but weirdly great. The smooth, hypnotic vocals paired with the heavy, yet catchy beat, makes this track extremely easy to jam to. 4/5

Radkey – Dark Black Makeup

Sam Lawrie: It starts off a little bland for me and, while I’m all for catchy, rhythmic beats that stick in your mind, this one is too repetitive. However, the chorus definitely injects a bit of life into the song and, from that point, the more it goes on, the more I like it. Maybe the repetition is hypnotic? 3/5

Michael Baird: This is goooood. Has a big old Queens Of The Stone Age vibe and the chorus wouldn’t be out of place on a Volbeat album. Gloo should have a listen to these guys. This is what I like to call a bad ass tune. 4/5

Jamie Hampshire: There’s an old school kind of horror-punk vibe here, simple chords structures and sub-Volbeat, crooning vocals. If the lyrics are ‘with their capes and their dark black makeup’ it’s probably about My Chemical Romance fans. 2/5

Brooke Mustafa: The song has a really steady, uncomplicated beat, making it rather boring at times. The lyrical content of the track is pretty solid, but the vocals seem to lack variety and range, and therefore the song doesn’t really do it for me. 1.5/5

Man Overboard – Cliffhanger

Sam Lawrie: Messy, clichéd pop-punk. They’ve got this raw authenticity about them that I’d usually really like, but this track is just too similar to other rough pop-punk bands (ROAM, for example), but nowhere near as good. 2/5

Michael Baird: It’s skate punk! I love skate punk. It sounds a little like  a mix of Bouncing Souls/Hot Water Music in parts which is always good. It’s less annoying than the pop-punk that I expected which is good and thank Christ it doesn’t have one of those frickin’ ridiculous breakdowns that every frickin’ pop-punk band does nowadays. I mean come on. A Day To Remember ‘just’ about get away with it but all the others should just fuck off. Write a song. You don’t have to shoehorn some blast beats and screams into EVERY song. It doesn’t make you sound like a tough guy. It makes you sound like a dick! It sounds stupid. Just write a God Damn song!!!  Anyway. That doesn’t happen here. It’s good. I like it. Well done.  4/5

Jamie Hampshire: So angsty. That guitar tone sounds like a fisher price toy. The whiny vocals sound worse. Cookie cutter hardcore. Next! 1.5/5

Brooke Mustafa: To be honest I’m partial to anything pop punk, so I knew I would dig this track. Man Overboard have definitely gone down a more depressing route with this song, but it is definitely a solid pop punk track. Teen angst is definitely strong with this one. 3.5/5

Ocasan – Kuma

Sam Lawrie: It’s intriguing, that’s for sure. When songs begin as minimalist as this one, I’m always intrigued to see where it goes. The chorus is punchy, the riffs are solid, and the song has a real ebb and flow that keeps you from getting bored. Even though it’s not really my kind of thing, I reckon Ocasan have done an alright job with this one. Also, the video is pretty hilarious! 3.5/5

Michael Baird: This is awesome! The video rules. The song is wicked. It’s like a mash up of 90’s power pop/rock (Presidents of The USA, Terrorvision, Wildhearts, Everclear, etc) with a twist of Biffy Clyro. Did I mention the video? Even if the song was awful, which it isn’t, the video would of saved it. 4/5

Jamie Hampshire: It’s quirky, upbeat Indie-ish rhythms, instrumental is kind of like Weezer, really nice clear bass wanderings. It’s well constructed and kind of poppy, but rhyming ‘room-a’ with anything is a cardinal sin. 2.5/5

Brooke Mustafa: This song is definitely unusual, but the melody is really quite good- minus the use of a wood instrument of some kind. I can’t stand wood instruments. The complimentary guitar and drum work gives the song a nice tone, but the vocals and lyrical content just don’t provide the same excitement.  2/5

Gloo – Red Handed

Sam Lawrie: ‘Red Handed’ is lo-fi indie rock with some strangled grunge vocals thrown in for good measure. I’m totally down with the angst vibe of this track; the only real issue I have with it is that I found myself being distracted by something else halfway through and being able to totally tune it out, to the point where I almost forgot it was even playing. To me, that smacks of mediocrity. 2.5/5

Michael Baird: It’s ok. Another punkish two piece as is the fashion nowadays. Bit pretentious (especially the video). Imagine if they had a bassist though. Could of made it much better. That’s the thing with a lot of these two piece bands. They may think it gives them an edgy ‘raw’ sound but the fact is a lot of the time it just makes it sound like you are listening to a demo. The bass is a pretty important part to most bands sound. It makes the foundation. Imagine a band like Fugazi without a bassist! It’d sound shit. Royal Blood do well but look what they have…. a BASS!!!!!!! Just get a bassist!!!!  3/5

Jamie Hampshire: Pleasingly lo-fi, a decent sub-90’s drive with grungy vocals and some snare drum abuse. The ending is damn good, they save the best til last. 3/5

Brooke Mustafa: My only issue with this track is that the really raw, grunge-esque vocals displayed here by Gloo, are extremely hard to hear. They aren’t as clear as they should be. I don’t know if that’s intentional or not, but I definitely think they would make the track much stronger if they were louder, as they are currently blending into the background. 3/5

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