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Queens of Scream – 8 Of The Best Women In Metal

HTF bring you a rundown of eight of the greatest women in contemporary metal. Check out who made the cut here.

Metal is often accused of being a ‘boys club’, a genre tailored for and performed by men. To the narrow minded casual stereotyper, women have traditionally fulfilled the roles of groupies and ridiculous depictions on album cover art. Extreme metal has also been arguably as impenetrable to the ‘fairer sex’ as it strives to be towards casual listeners and mainstream sensibilities.

Not anymore. Women are gaining an increasing foothold in the realms of heavier music, and are proving without doubt they are just as talented and aggressive as their male counterparts. So sit back and relax, as HTF runs you through eight of the most awesome (and terrifying) women in contemporary metal.

Credit: Official Website

 1. Angela Gossow – Arch Enemy 

Although diminutive in size, Angela more than made up for this with an aggressive and commanding stage presence, with fist pumping and power stances aplenty. Her guttural roars were the perfect accompaniment to Arch Enemy‘s frantic metal assault, and put her up on par with the likes of George ‘Corpsegrinder’ Fisher himself. Her recent departure from the band to assume a managerial role left many fans deeply saddened, and her replacement Alissa White-Gluz some big shoes to fill.


Credit: Facebook

2. Melanie Mongeon – Fuck the Facts

Frontwoman for Canadian grindcore bruisers Fuck the Facts, Melanie Mongeon conjures up utterly caustic, raw throated vocals that hammer home the bands brand of sensory beatdown. She attacks the mic like it’s done something heinous to a family member. Utterly brutal.


Credit: Facebook

3. Laura Pleasants – Kylesa

As part of Savannah, Georgia sludge-metal/dark psychedelia outfit Kylesa, Laura Pleasants lays down some burly guitar riffage as well as offering up an awesome combo of raw hardcore-style shouts and smooth, trippy clean vocals. Having rubbed shoulders with the likes of Baroness and Mastodon for years, this Southern Belle is a bonafide member of sludge rock royalty.


Credit: Facebook

4. Krysta Martinez – Landmine Marathon

Replacing the utterly venomous Grace Perry was never going to be an easy task, but Krysta Martinez has taken on the challenge like it ain’t no thing. With a rabidly energetic stage manner and a blistering array of screams, she helps Landmine Marathon continue to be one of the most exciting acts in modern metal.


Credit: Revolver

5 &6: Heidi Shepherd/Carla Harvey – Butcher Babies

Unafraid to court controversy in the name of shock rock, dual Butcher Babies frontwomen Carla Harvey and Heidi Shepherd throw out sugary sweet crooning and harsh screeching vocals, and everything in between. Last years debut album ‘Goliath’, was a strong start, so keep an eye out for these ladies tearing up a stage near you soon.


Source: Promo

7 & 8: Kiarely and Suzie – Conquer Divide

If you thought squeezing two women into one entry was lazy writing, how about six? Conquer Divide are an up and coming Post-hardcore mob with bags of energy and even more potential. The clean/scream vocal punch combo of Kiarley and Suzie adds dynamic flair and tonnes of bite to their sound. Definitely one’s to watch.

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