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Oasis The Best British Band? They Aren’t Even The Best Band From Manchester!

Let’s be honest Oasis are not the best British band, they aren’t even the best band from Manchester, and we have the proof right here.


Source: Official Facebook / Stefan De Batselier

Most right minded people had a good laugh at the news that Oasis had not just topped Radio X’s poll to find the best ever British song but wound up holding the top four positions.

Even more puzzling is why radio x’s demographic would even do this? The answer is simply because it’s a station fronted by blokes. Chris Moyles, Vernon Kay, and Johnny Vaughn are not music DJ’s. I mean that in the kindest sense, but they aren’t wannabee Peels trying to bring you the freshest tunes from up and comers who wouldn’t usually get a voice. These are the dinosaurs, the remnants of The Big Breakfast era, TFI Friday and lad TV.

If you really think Chris Moyles is going to be spotted at the front of a White Denim gig, vinyl record tucked under his arm, then you’re more than stupid. The Radio X presenters are more likely to be spotted necking WKDs, sexting page 3 girls (allegedly) or joking about the perils of DIY. Oasis are the perfect soundtrack to the fungal growth that is 40-year old “Lads” who refuse to mature with any good grace.

Their audiences will choose songs considerably different to those of listeners of BBC 6music, where it’s all about the music.

So let’s aim down the middle, nothing too obscure, and try and come up with a more considered list of artists that could top Radio X’s mad little poll. Hell, let’s make it even more fun and narrow down the pool to just Manchester artists. Here are our alternative top 5 acts from Manchester.



5. New Order/Joy Division

It’s almost odd that such a Manchester fueled poll didn’t have New Order in it’s top 20. To some people, they may just be Joy Divisions happier younger brother, but what’s forgotten is the way they brought Balearic dance to the UK mainstream. They were the Hacienda. Without New Order’s willingness to explore new grounds, it’s not an understatement to suggest that rave and club culture wouldn’t have crept into the indie genre. Imagine the world without Screamadelica or Fatboy Slim (originally a member of the indie group The Housemartins).

Just for the sake of shoehorning an extra act into a 5 band list, we’ve also included Joy Division in this entry. Perhaps the definitive Manchester band fronted by a man from Salford. There’s not much to be said about perhaps one of the most documented indie bands ever, but there’s a reason that so many bands have tried to emulate the Joy Division sound and completely failed.

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