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New Music Video Releases Of The Week Including Bangers By Tremonti, Skindred And Nervus

Keep up with all the latest music videos, and get hyped up for all of the exciting album releases that are coming up. Including Tremonti, Skindred and Nervus, check it all out here.

Skindred That's My Jam

Source: YouTube

Whether you’re looking for your new jam (which most probably will be Skindred‘s aptly titled new single) or you’re trying to keep excited for album releases to come (like Tremonti‘s this summer), last week’s new music video releases will provide your fix.

MSRY – Safety First

MSRY have unveiled their first single off their upcoming EP Safety First. Of the title track and first single, the band share: “Safety First is about being told that no matter how much you love something or how much it means to you that it’ll all be for nothing in the end. It’s the foreboding sound of hearing people dismiss you for wanting to be more than you actually are and facing the face of failure with a smug grin, knowing you’ll come out better in the end despite what anyone thinks. This is Safety First.”

’77 – Last Chance

Hailing from Spain ’77 have just dropped a brand new video for their track ‘Last Chance’. The track “has that small-sweaty-beer-soaked-venue flavour in it and it’s not a bad thing: au contraire, that’s ’77’s natural habitat, for God’s sake!”

Nervus – Fall Apart

Nervus recently released their sophomore album Everything Dies, from which their latest single ‘Fall Apart’ is taken off of. The track explores the themes of capitalism and how it is destroying the planet. For the video, the band have teamed up with Theatre On Wax (directed by Mark Crane, DOP James Melrose), and you can check it out below.

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Tremonti – Take You With Me

Tremonti are gearing up to release their fourth studio album A Dying Machine on 8th June via Napalm Death. The upcoming record will be the band’s first concept album that explores a time and place where humans and fabricated beings called “vessels” co-exist. The second track and first music video to be revealed off the album is ‘Take You With Me’.

Skindred – That’s My Jam

Big Tings, Skindred‘s upcoming album is releasing on 27th April – and ahead of the release, the band have shared the music video for their latest track ‘That’s My Jam’. This is the band’s follow up to 2015’s Volume and promises to be huge. Of the new single, drummer Arya Goggin says: “We really wanted to write a song that would become a new Skindred Anthem. Something that would played in Rock clubs and get people onto the Dancefloor. Musically heavy, but having a massive pop sensibility at the same time.”

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